Eredivisie Bets Review Pieter Goedhart

Eredivisie Bets is a seemingly new to market sports betting tipster service which his operated by one Pieter Goedhart. He claims that he can make a quite substantial profit for subscribers.

Introduction to Eredivisie Bets

With so many markets to bet on when it comes to football, I will admit that it can sometimes seem a bit intimidating. And that is why most people end up betting on the big leagues. The Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and the Bundesliga all take the lions share of football betting. But there is generally not a lot of value to be had there. But what about if you were to look somewhere that is perhaps… A little more niche.

This brings me to Eredivisie Bets. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, the Eredivisie is the Dutch league, and it is a football league where there is a lot of exciting stuff going on. Remember Ajax and their unlikely run to Champions League success? All with a team made up of young Dutch talent. Whilst not quite at that level, that is what the league is made up of, and that is why Pieter Goedhart seems to have put his focus there (also, he seems to be Dutch, but that’s less interesting).

Honestly, I am quite excited coming into this. I’ve never seen anything that is focused on the Dutch League and I am always looking for new angles on profit. Unfortunately, there are some questions that rather hang over Eredivisie Bets. Questions that I personally don’t believe that Pieter Goedhart answers. Are they deal breakers though? Let’s have a good look at this and find out.  

What Does Eredivisie Bets Offer?

By far and away, the most frustrating thing that stands out to me when I look at Eredivisie Bets is that there is very little provided in the way of information for the service. Whether or not this is a deliberate choice by Pieter Goedhart is very much up for debate, but if it is, I can’t help but feel like it probably wasn’t the best choice. Unfortunately, the obfuscation of information is a them that runs through a lot of this.

With that said, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find out at least some information about Eredivisie Bets. It’s just all a bit hidden away. Which is a shame, because in many ways, I can respect the approach that Pieter Goedhart appears to have when it comes to his betting. Namely, the apparent selectivity of the service.

How selective are we talking? In an average week, we’re told that you can expect to see 5 tips on each match week. Given the scope of the Eredivisie as a league, that may seem a lot. After all, there are only 18 teams, meaning a theoretical 9 games per week. But the thing about the Eredivisie is how skewed it is. Because most of those teams don’t really have much chance.

This means that despite seemingly placing a lot of bets on a given week, there are actually some very sensible selections being made. Of course, backing Ajax, PSV and Feyenoord (26, 21, and 10 titles respectively) every week just doesn’t make for the best value. In actual fact, if you’re getting evens on them, you’re doing pretty well.

And it is because of this that, even more so than usual, I would recommend using an odds comparison website. As a few examples, in Ajax’s next game, they’re strong favourites to win. The lowest offer from a bookie is 1.04. On a betting exchange, the odds are 1.08. Not a huge amount, but effectively doubling your profit. Likewise, PSV have odds through a bookie at 1.14. Even at other bookies, you can get odds of 1.2. That’s an increase of about 40%.

But the match bets aren’t where the profit lies with Eredivisie Bets. Where Pieter Goedhart seems to really be looking to get in his profit though is through the “bonus” accumulator (it is referred to as a bonus, but I can’t help but feel like really, it is a fundamental part of the service). This obviously brings up the profit potential whilst still not necessarily increasing the risk too much.

With all of that out of the way, let’s talk about the management elements of Eredivisie Bets. As you would expect from pretty much any modern tipster service, selections are sent out directly via email. Unfortunately, the content of the emails is… Well, it’s a bit limited. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll be able to place your bets, but what Pieter Goedhart is doing here is some way from some of the services out there.

Football for the Eredivisie usually happens over the weekend with one game played on the Friday, and the rest played Saturday and Sunday. This means that there is a decent amount of structure to Eredivisie Bets. It also means that most people are going to be able to follow along with Pieter Goedhart’s bets with no real issues.

This only really leaves the numbers side of things to talk about. Now, staking wise, this appears to be a simple level stakes service. However, there is very limited evidence here and Pieter Goedhart doesn’t really provide much more advice. What I will say is that within the limited information that is provided, he does show one of his own bets (a treble for the first week) which was backed to £20 stakes. That seems pretty reasonable.

As well as this, there is also the strike rate to talk about. Now, this is where things get a bit interesting. Because whilst there aren’t specific claims available, Pieter Goedhart says that last year he got 8 out of 8 selections right for his first week. Proudly proclaiming a 100% strike rate. And the implication here is that Eredivisie Bets is capable of hitting a high number every week.

Unfortunately, there is very limited evidence and absolutely no proofing. This is really frustrating because Pieter Goedhart supposedly tipped for last year. So why doesn’t he provide the results for Eredivisie Bets? As such, I am very sceptical of these claims as being legitimate.

How Does Eredivisie Bets Work?

As I mentioned earlier, there is a distinctive lack of information surrounding Eredivisie Bets. In actual fact, Pieter Goedhart doesn’t say a single thing in relation to this. The closest we get to insight is where we are told that “Eredivisie Bets is a professional tipster service that focuses purely on the Dutch Premier League to bring you a knowledgeable service guaranteed to make you money.”.

So, we’re expected to believe that the service is based on this vague notion of “being knowledgeable”. This might be well and good if Pieter Goedhart actually displayed any of his so called knowledge, but he doesn’t. I can’t think of a single tipster service that I have looked at that is so willing to talk up their understanding of not just a sport, but a specific niche, all whilst going out of their way to avoid actually saying anything.

And that is really quite concerning to me. Now, as I’ve touched on, there are some obvious bets within the Eredivisie. There are certain teams that I would almost always back, and you’d probably almost always be right. As such, most of the bets just seem like the common sense option. But that is me speculating. The fact is that this still isn’t Pieter Goedhart demonstrating a knowledge of football.

The real kicker for me though is that there is no proofing for Eredivisie Bets. There is almost nothing that frustrates me more than a tipster saying that they’ve been operating for however many years, talked about their previous profits, and provided zero evidence to back this up. This is very basic stuff and the fact that Pieter Goedhart chooses not to include it is pretty suspect in my book.

What is the Initial Investment?

One of the few things that I can say are pretty close to unequivocally positive are the prices that Pieter Goedhart is charging for Eredivisie Bets.. The first option that is available is a quarterly subscription which is priced at £14.95 (plus VAT). That isn’t half bad.

Alternatively, Pieter Goedhart options the chance to sign up for the full Eredivisie season which will cost you £32.95 (again, this is plus VAT). Finally, and representing the best theoretical value, is a one time payment of £64.95 (plus VAT) which gives you a lifetime of access.

One of the things that is noteworthy about Eredivisie Bets is that, unfortunately, there isn’t any money back guarantee in place. This is increasingly standard across modern tipster services and so doesn’t count too much against Pieter Goedhart, but it is still something that I’d have liked to have seen.  

What is the Rate of Return?

There are a few massively conflicting sets of numbers in terms of how much you can make with Eredivisie Bets. The highlighted claim is that you can expect to make £6,000+ “Each And Every Season For The Rest Of Your Life”. Elsewhere, we are told that you can make £1,284 per month. Given that there are 9 months of football, that means a hypothetical £11,566 profit.

On top of all of that, Pieter Goedhart says that as a part of your “Membership to Eredivisie Bets” you can expect to see £1,000+ per week. A number that really don’t believe to be true. This lack of cohesiveness in terms of the profit potential is very concerning to me and definitely counts quite a lot against the service.

Conclusion for Eredivisie Bets

 On paper, I can see the appeal of Eredivisie Bets. Betting on the Eredivisie is something that, whilst not necessarily easy, does seem to have some pretty obvious bets. And I’ll hold my hands up, before looking at Pieter Goedhart’s service, I wouldn’t have really looked at that Dutch League and thought to myself “there’s a betting market rife with opportunity”. But that is potentially the case.

But the real question here though is whether or not Eredivisie Bets is able to deliver on this potential. And unfortunately, I’m not really convinced that it can. Now, I want to start by very clearly stating that this isn’t a baseless opinion at all. Because there is really quite a lot that is wrong with Pieter Goedhart’s service. But I can appreciate a good idea when I see one.

So what exactly is so wrong here? Honestly, where do you want me to start? Maybe I can start by talking about the fact that Pieter Goedhart doesn’t actually provide anything that I would consider to be close to reasonable evidence to back up his claims about the service. Now, I know, I know, there’s that one bet that he provides.

 But I’ve been doing this for long enough that can say for a fact that one bet doesn’t mean a single thing. It’s a very long way from conclusive. In fact, it doesn’t even come close. And when you weigh that up against the information that is missing, then Eredivisie Bets starts to look even less like it has any… Well, just anything real behind it.

I get the fact that no tipster wants to give away their full selection process. To do so would have a massive negative impact on their income. And I wouldn’t expect anybody to do that really. But Pieter Goedhart doesn’t do a single thing to make me believe that there is a system, or that he’s knowledgeable about the Eredivisie.

Let’s not forget, this is somebody who is claiming that they made more than £6,000 last season. If that is the case, then they should be able to talk about Dutch football, what kinds of things they look out for on a bet, or frankly, just anything. But this lack of information is just so conspicuous in its absence.

And whilst I’m on the topic of Pieter Goedhart’s supposed last season, why hasn’t he provided any kind of proofing? Look, I know that not every bettor keeps meticulous records, but everybody I know who takes their betting seriously does. So why didn’t that happen last year?There are only two logical answers to that in my opinion. The results for last year are made up, or Pieter Goedhart simply isn’t that professional. Neither bodes well for Eredivisie Bets.

And then lets talk about the discrepancies that exist in terms of the income potential. Pieter Goedhart starts by saying that Eredivisie Bets can make you £6,000+ every season. Then this number becomes £1,000 per month. Which would mean around £9,000 every season. And then of course the number seemingly randomly jumps to £1,000 per week. Which then puts Eredivisie Bets at £36,000 per season. Of course, I don’t believe any of those numbers. Especially in the light of no proofing.

Do you know what I really think has happened here? A marketer has come up with the pitch before they’ve had a system in place (If they have a system in place at all that is). They’ve written out some of the copy, and part way through decided that actually, some of the numbers sound a bit too high.

So they work them down, alter them, and what is left is a number that sounds relatively reasonable. I mean, £6,000 per season is about £666 per month over a season. That’s inside the realm of possibility right? Well, even that would mean 33.3 points per month using £20 stakes. Still a suspiciously high number. But the important part is that it sounds feasible.

Because the fact is that even if Eredivisie Bets doesn’t deliver at all, once you’ve purchased a subscription, you’ve purchased it. There are no refunds. So it really comes down to whether or not you are willing to believe the one person here who is 100% guaranteed to take something away from your experience, regardless of the results. By which, of course, I mean Pieter Goedhart.

Look, I’m not naïve. I get the appeal. Eredivisie Bets isn’t a lot of money, and in theory, the Eredivisie is an easy enough league to make money on. But I can’t get past the fact that there is just no real evidence that this will make you a profit. And the bottom line is the bottom line here. It is because of this that I can’t really recommend Pieter Goedhart’s service. I’m just not convinced that it’s going to make you money.

If you’re willing to give it a go, more power to you. On the off chance I’m wrong, I’ll concede that Pieter Goedhart may have made a decent little addition to any betting portfolio. But in my experience, where there that lack of evidence exists in a service, It’s really not often that I’m wrong in saying stay away.


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