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eSports Betting Guru is a new to market eSports betting tipster service which is being offered by the Betting Gods stable of tipsters. The tipster behind the service, Dan, has some solid looking results to date.

Introduction to eSports Betting Guru

When it comes to betting and tipster services, I can’t help but feel like eSports was a bit tarnished during lock-down. With no sports, dodgy tipsters just seemed to come out of the woodwork, all claiming to be experts in one way or another at eSports betting. Not at all surprisingly to me, almost none of these tipsters actually came close to delivering on the ridiculous claims that they made. But eSports really does remains a potentially viable betting option.

And if anybody is well positioned to bring a genuine eSports tipster service to the market, it is Betting Gods. A firm with a track record of providing decent tipsters. And, in today’s subject, eSports Betting Guru, that is exactly what they have done. Now, I will say that eSports betting is something that can ultimately be a bit niche. It isn’t an approach to betting that will necessarily suit everybody, and I would even go as far as to say that for a lot of people, it simply won’t be of interest. But it does open certain windows of opportunity.

Putting that aside, there are some very justified concerns surrounding eSports Betting Guru. Betting Gods paint a very strong picture of what you are getting into. It’s their job to do that. But the fact is that whilst Dan has made a profit, there are those who will look at this and very reasonably decide that it just isn’t for them. So, with all of that said, let’s get right down to it.  

What Does eSports Betting Guru Offer?

One of the single biggest boons for eSports Betting Guru is the involvement of Betting Gods. They have grown to become one of the most respectable tipster stables on the market in my opinion. More importantly for you as a punter though, they are very good at what they do in terms of managing tipster services. This makes for a very good end user experience.

This leads quite nicely into the logistical elements of eSports Betting Guru. An area that is by far and away one of the strongest things about the service. This starts with the way that tips are issued. Now, as you would expect, selections are made available directly via email, as well as being uploaded to a members area.

This is pretty much industry standard, and with Dan making his tips available between 11am and 1pm, there is time to get those bets on. But that doesn’t mean they are the best way to receive tips. You see, Betting Gods also have an app. This is by far and away the optimal method for receiving selections. It is generally quicker (in my experience) and you have the advantage of a push notification on your phone. This makes it hard to miss a betting opportunity.

And whilst we’re on the subject of management etc., one of the things that I really do like about eSports Betting Guru is the information included. Dan takes a look at the odds available and according to Betting Gods will advise odds that are always available with at least 3 bookies. This means that if you are following eSports Betting Guru, you have an idea what to expect, which is a massive positive. But it also means that there is potentially more profit to be had through an odds comparison site.

This is ultimately very important because the kinds of odds that you will be betting on are… Well, they’re a bit low if I’m honest. For context, the average odds come in at just 1.9. When your average odds are less than evens, I believe that it easily demonstrates how important getting the best possible odds out of every bet can be.

In terms of the bets themselves, there is a huge amount of variety. This is in no small part down to the wide variety of betting markets involved with eSports. Now, I won’t go into the bet types here, but I will highlight that eSports Betting Guru often ends up using multiple bets in accumulators in order to boost the odds.

Now something that is worth noting here is that eSports Betting Guru doesn’t seem to be a somewhat high volume tipster service. This is in some part down to the fact that there isn’t always a huge amount of events that are worth betting on. Ultimately, all of this means that you’re placing at most about 5 bets on a given day.

That doesn’t sound like a lot, I know. But one of the big considerations for me is the staking plan that Dan uses. Betting Gods’s proofing shows that you will be staking anywhere from 0.5 points on a bet, all the way up to 6 points on a single bet. That is a very substantial range and it does raise some concerns for eSports Betting Guru.

You see, the recommended betting bank is just 75 points. That small number means that in just one week, you can effectively have staked the full betting balance. Now, that doesn’t mean that your drawdown is going to be substantial. Because from what I’ve seen so far, Dan is pretty good at picking out those winners. As such, you are generally keeping your betting bank topped up.

But just how good is it? Well, for context, the strike rate for eSports Betting Guru sits at 65.54% according to Betting Gods. That is a bloody impressive number and make no mistake. The problem that I have with heaping too much praise on this is that the nature of the service means that this kind of high strike rate is necessary to survive. As such, it’s only really “doing the job” rather than exceeding.

How Does eSports Betting Guru Work?

Having Betting Gods involved is definitely a decent thing in terms of the management side of things. Unfortunately, there is less information forthcoming in terms of how eSports Betting Guru works and how the selections are found. And if I’m honest, it’s rather difficult to try and gain some context from looking at the wider service.

This is something that counts quite a lot against eSports Betting Guru as a wider service. The fact of the matter is that one of the single most important elements of any tipster service in my opinion is understanding what you are getting yourself into. This can be rather difficult when there is such a blatant lack of information.

With all of that  said, we aren’t coming into eSports Betting Guru entirely blind. Betting Gods do tell us that that Dan is a full time data scientist, and that he uses these skills in order to pick out winning bets. This suggests to me a strong focus on statistical analysis etc. Unfortunately, that is of course speculative on my behalf. It also doesn’t really offer any new insight.

What does go a long way in my opinion is the fact that Betting Gods provide very comprehensive proofing for eSports Betting Guru which is kept up to date on the daily. Now I’ll admit that this doesn’t tell you anything about the selection process. But it does mean that you at least have some idea of what you can expect long term if you signed up.  

What is the Initial Investment?

At the time I’m writing this, Betting Gods are offering eSports Betting Guru on a massively discounted rate. This means that if you were to sign up here and now, you’d pay just £20.99 for 105 days of access. This does seem to be a genuine limited time offer though. With that said, even once that has elapsed, the costs still aren’t inordinate.

There is a 15 day trial available which will cost you just £1.99. Once this has elapsed, the subscription for eSports Betting Guru moves on to a monthly one. This is priced at a quite reasonable £17 per month. That is a lot less than you’d typically expect to pay for a tipster service.

On top of this, Betting Gods offer a full 30 day money back guarantee on all of their tipster services. This is backed up by the fact that payment is handled via Clickbank who are typically decent at ensuring that this is honoured (not that I believe this will be a problem with eSports Betting Guru).

What is the Rate of Return?

Now we come to the part of eSports Betting Guru that, if I’m honest, I find to be a bit off putting. First things first, it should be acknowledge that Betting Gods has made a decent profit. With 64 points profit made in less than 5 months (at the time of writing), I don’t believe that you can really call eSports Betting Guru a failure. But with that said, I do think it’s important to keep that profit in context.

Firstly, when you consider that number, you have to look at the stakes involved. Whilst I don’t believe there is malicious intent, they do undoubtedly also inflate the profits somewhat. For some context on this impact, you only have to look at the ROI which sits at 14.42%.  

Conclusion for eSports Betting Guru

There are two different ways of looking at eSports Betting Guru in my opinion. And this is going to sound like a load of old rubbish at first, but stick with me. First things first, there is eSports Betting Guru as a tipster service. That is to say, as a service that you can compare to any other tipsters on the market. And in that regard, it’s not all that great. There are tipster services out there who would have easily doubled 64 points in 5 months.

And if you want to look at eSports Betting Guru in that light, then I wouldn’t recommend it. The fact of the matter is that it is hard to justify those results. Especially when you’re staking as much as six points on a single bet. There are so many horse racing and football services out there that are much smarter investments.

But then there is the other way of looking at eSports Betting Guru. And that is in its specific niche. Now as I said earlier, since Covid became a thing, I’ve seen a lot of services come out of the woodwork that claim to make a profit from eSports. Almost none of them have, and very few have been genuine. That last word is important, because it is something that you can categorically apply here.

You see, Betting Gods don’t tend to put out crap. You’d expect that this would be the case for most tipster stables, but I can tell you from experience that far too many of them will push something out because it’s had a month where it’s done 100 points of profit. eSports Betting Guru is the polar opposite. It has been released in a calculated move after Dan has demonstrated small but consistent profit over 5 months.

Speaking entirely speculatively, I see little reason why eSports Betting Guru wouldn’t continue along this trajectory in the future. And whilst 64 points might not sound like a lot, let’s keep in mind that another way of looking at the results is that Dan has almost doubled your betting bank. That’s a pretty good result.

And this is where I think the real purpose of eSports Betting Guru starts to shine through for me. What Betting Gods are asking here isn’t a huge amount of money (at least, at the time of writing).  £20.99 for 3 months of tips is a bloody good price, and if I’m honest, even £17 per month isn’t a lot. Especially if you think of it as being for a year round tipster service that will be making money entirely independently of your other betting enterprises.

Because let’s be honest for a minute here. eSports betting isn’t stepping on anybody’s toes. It really does exist in its own little bubble. And if it consistently makes money whilst doing that as a part of a wider betting portfolio, well, that’s a very strong positive and the kind of thing I’d typically look for.

So, would I recommend eSports Betting Guru? In the right set of circumstances, I actually think it is worth serious consideration. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t going to suit a lot of people. I certainly wouldn’t recommend it over… Well, many other decent tipster services. But if you’re looking to add another string to your bow, for £17 per month, you can do a lot worse than what Betting Gods have put together with Dan.


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