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Esports Winners is a new to market esports tipster service which is being operated by one Jennifer Price. She claims that the selections she receives come courtesy of one Robert Dabrowski. A full time esports bettor.

Introduction to Esports Winners

Honestly, during lockdown and everything to do with it… It was just the weirdest time. And I’m not just talking about not being able to get toilet roll or pasta. The whole betting industry took a brief, but momentous shift. And nowhere was this more apparent than in the tipster services that were available. Everybody was suddenly an expert on Aussie horse racing, Belarusian football, and of particular importance here, esports.

Since then, the world is returning to normal, UK horse racing is back on, the major European football leagues are all back up and running, and I hadn’t seen an esports tipster. Until today that is. Enter Esports Winners, a tipster service that in the current market (at least) is a bit of a unique creature. Something that isn’t just down to the way that Jennifer Price and Robert Dabrowski ultimately manage their service.

The fact of the matter is that there are some very strong claims made. Especially in terms of the profit. There is also a bit of an unfortunate tone take in the marketing as well. Think a lot of “in these uncertain times” talk. If Jennifer Price and Robert Dabrowski could really back Esports Winners up I might be OK with this kind of thing. But they don’t really. Does that mean that this is a complete lame duck though? Let’s have a look and see.  

What Does Esports Winners Offer?

Looking at Esports Winners, it may almost seem a bit interesting, even if only for the subject matter. As I said in the introduction for this, once more mainstream sports made a comeback, more niche sports (like esports) have been a bit side lined. And to some degree, the fact that Jennifer Price and Robert Dabrowski are doing what they are doing makes this interesting.

Not that you would necessarily think this to look at the service as a whole. In fact, Jennifer Price and Robert Dabrowski have very little to say about Esports Winners. There is a clear narrative here that doesn’t really seem to include a whole lot of actual information. Instead, there is a very strong narrative focus, but I’ll come back to that later on.

So, what exactly are you getting here? Well we are told that it’s a daily tipster service, that seemingly comes with very little in the way of work. Jennifer Price  says that each morning, “Robert will send you an exclusive email containing his wining selections for that day” and that all we have to is “place those bets as advised” and then sit back and put your feet up.

This almost sounds too good to be true. And that is because it kind of is. Because the content of the emails is just… Well, it’s a bit basic. Don’t get me wrong, I suppose that ultimately, it is no better or worse than most of what you see, but I wouldn’t really consider the peers of Esports Winners to really be at the level I would want to see either.

What I can tell you is this. If I were personally looking to follow Robert Dabrowski’s selections, I would definitely be looking to take full advantage of an odds comparison site. Now, I know it feels like I recommend this a lot, but up until tipsters start providing reliable advice on what kinds of odds to bet at and where you can get them this will generally be the case.

Now we come to the bets themselves. And this is where Esports Winners can start to sound a bit intimidating. But really, this is mostly down to the fact that most people simply aren’t familiar with esports. If I’d told you to back Team A for First Blood on Map 4 or Map 1 Team B to Win Both Pistol Rounds… Probably wouldn’t mean a lot.

But the fact is that the bet types are ultimately relatively simple. Just like with, say, football betting, it all sounds complicated until you come to understand what it means. Unfortunately, this is an area where Jennifer Price and Robert Dabrowski are left rather lacking. Because despite the fact that I don’t think this is hard, when you are starting out it is a lot to take in.

Now, one of the things that I think it is quite important to establish with any esports betting is that there doesn’t tend to be huge odds involved. And this is because in many respects, I am once again going to draw a comparison to football. In both events, there are limited outcomes. At the top level, there also isn’t a whole lot separating teams.

This means that whilst there can be value to be had, it isn’t typically found.  This isn’t the be all and end all mind, but it’s definitely a factor of Esports Winners that you should be aware of coming into it. Because it is yet another thing that Jennifer Price and Robert Dabrowski don’t really talk about. Something that is frustratingly common across their whole service.

Let’s for example look at some of the “number type things” that I would normally talk about. For example, what kind of stakes should you be betting on Robert Dabrowski’s advice? Good luck finding that one out. Because Jennifer Price sure as hell doesn’t seem to have a plan. Not only can that be very dangerous for an inexperienced bettor, but it is also poignant because all of the profits claimed are in pounds and pence.

So, what about a strike rate then? Jennifer Price says that her and Robert Dabrowski have been doing this for some years. Surely, you’d think, there would be some results, right? Information and data that you can at the very least calculate this number from. Nope. Once again, Esports Winners is punctuated more by it’s lack of information than anything that can be said about the service.

How Does Esports Winners Work?

Now if there is one area where we are given plenty of information (at least, sort of), it’s how Esports Winners works. Now I’ll be up front here. If, like me, you’re looking for Jennifer Price or even Robert Dabrowski to talk a little bit about their approach, their strategy, how they know which bets are the right ones to place. You’re going to be disappointed.  

What we are treated to is a lengthy narrative in which Jennifer Price describes the nature of her relationship with Robert Dabrowski. And he is really at the core of Esports Winners. We are told that growing up in Poland he was a “gaming addict” and got good enough that he was competing professionally. He moved to the UK after several big cash wins in order to search for a better life. Fair enough, I suppose.

Fast forward through Jennifer Price and Robert Dabrowski going to high school together, and ending up at the same university. One night, whilst trying to figure out how to raise some beer money, Jennifer Price says Robert Dabrowski suggested placing some esports bets. Because “Not only did Rob know gaming better than anything else, he’d actually competed with several of the top players and knew their specific strategies!”

If you don’t know anything about esports and that whole world, that might sound reasonable but there are a lot of problems that I have with the statement. It is also noteworthy that this is about where it all ends. The sales material wraps up and we’re simply left with the notion that the entirety of Esports Winners is based around somebody still having inside information from that time he played some pro games. Realistically, at least 5 years ago. Believable? I’m not so sure.

What is the Initial Investment?

There is just one option available if you want to sign up to Esports Winners and that is a one time payment of £29.99. Interestingly, Jennifer Price doesn’t provide any time scale that talks about how long you will receive Robert Dabrowski’s selections for. Seemingly, this is indefinitely. Realistically, I have my own ideas…

What is noteworthy about Esports Winners is that it does come with a full 60 day money back guarantee, which to be fair to Jennifer Price is prominently mentioned. It is also backed up by the fact that the service is sold through Clickbank who are generally pretty good at honouring this. So long as you don’t serially return products to them.

What is the Rate of Return?

Now we come to an area of Esports Winners that shouldn’t have room for controversy, but somehow does. And that is the profits. You see, there are two types of sales material for the service. The first is the main page. This claims that Robert Dabrowski makes £55,876.78 in just one year. A number that is backed up by a solitary questionable screenshot of a William Hill account.

Elsewhere in this sales material, there are mentions of £4,500 per month and “testimonials” that claim over a grand a week, up to £5,000 per month, and £34,667 being made in 7 months. All of these claims are in line with that headlining number.

What you also have is the affiliate sales material. This is what people send out to get you to look at Esports Winners. Here, the claims are that you can make “£5,000+ per week”. Way more than Jennifer Price says should be achievable monthly. What really shows the discrepancy is the fact that you can supposedly expect to see £317,802.34 in one year. Quite a difference.

Conclusion for Esports Winners

Where do you start with Esports Winners? Honestly, I am trying to find some kind of positive so that I can at least try and frame these conclusions. But honestly, I can’t. I suppose that the best thing I can say is that it’s cheap, and you have that 60 day money back guarantee if you don’t like it, but even that is a stretch.

The fact of the matter is that Esports Winners is riddled with problems. Let’s start with one of the more obvious things. A complete and utter lack of tangible information. Jennifer Price doesn’t mention a single thing about what you can expect from the service. That is frustrating. But what she also does, is avoid talking in depth about how Robert Dabrowski is supposedly able to seemingly win bets when he wants to.

Now the narrative arc sounds great. Old friends. He was a geek, she was the girl who copied off him, and now they’re living this great lifestyle together. But what we’re really told is that Robert Dabrowski is able to pick selections because he played against the top players. The top players in what, exactly?

Because here’s the thing with esports. It’s easy to think of video games as all being the same thing. Especially if you don’t know them. But playing FIFA (a football game) is completely different to playing CS:GO (a first person shooting game). They require totally different skill sets. As does League of Legends, a relatively new type of strategy game known as a Moba. So, what was Robert Dabrowski playing at that top level?

It’s almost as if a marketer was much more concerned with telling a compelling story to those who perhaps don’t really understand esports, than demonstrating any credentials. Why would that be though? Probably for the same reason that the same marketer would create affiliate material talking about making enough to buy a house, only to wind it down to a still substantial, but equally unbelievable number.

And what evidence is provided backing up any of these claims? Well, not surprisingly, there isn’t any. Every claim that Jennifer Price makes is unverifiable and highly questionable, a combination that just doesn’t sit right with me.

With all of that out of the way, I feel like I can address what is by far and away the single biggest problem that this service has. And it is something that most people simply won’t ever notice. The astute readers out there may have noticed that I’ve talked about marketing a lot. And that is because the same vendor who is responsible for selling Esports Winners, has also marketed a lot of failed tipster services.

These have all made the same kinds of promise of low risk, high reward. They’ve all talked about massive income potentials. And they’ve all been incredibly cheap. What none of those services have done however is delivered. Nor in fact have they (at least to my knowledge) had a service which has lasted for longer than about 3 months.

Now I’ll concede, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Esports Winners will go the same way. But I will also say that I have said that about pretty much every other service that has been released by the same vendor. So, whilst it may not mean that what Jennifer Price and Robert Dabrowski are offering is guaranteed to fail, it does present a case that it is likely.

When you bring all of that together, it probably shouldn’t come as any real surprise that I really wouldn’t look to recommend Esports Winners. About the best thing that you can feasibly say is that it is cheap. But here’s the thing, if you aren’t paying a lot of money for a bad service, you’re still paying for a bad service.


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