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eTail Academy Review

eTail Academy is a product from Amanda O’Brien and Canonbury Publishing that shows users how to make money through selling products online.

What does the product offer?

eTail Academy shows users how to successfully sell products on eBay and through Amazon’s marketplace. Amanda O’Brien says that over the course of the training she will show you everything you need to know to get started right up to more advanced tips such as using an eBay “search engine” that shows you profitable corners through to using Google Trends to find future hot sellers. On top of this, Amanda O’Brien says that eTail Academy has been designed to be user friendly and with low start up costs. You will also receive free bonus reports showing you top selling products as well as how to utilise drop shipping.

How does the product work?

At the core of eTail Academy is selling products that you have either purchased wholesale or through drop shipping. Essentially eTail Academy will show you what you need in order to become an online merchant.

What is the initial investment?

According to the sales material Amanda O’Brien will typically sell eTail Academy for £495 however at the moment you can claim a 20% discount on this as an early bird discount bringing the price down to £397. There is a money back guarantee n place however this only run for 30 days.

What is the rate of return?

Amada O’Brien says that users can expect to make around £1,000-£2,500 per month implementing what eTail Academy teaches. That having been said testimonials talk about that kind of money in a week.


There are a huge number of products showing you how to trade successfully on eBay and it takes something special to really stand out. Unfortunately I don’t believe that eTail Academy does this. Whilst Amanda O’Brien seems to have a pretty firm grip on what selling through eBay and Amazon entails and demonstrates several examples of this in action. That having been said, eTail Academy not exactly cheap which although this is about right for this kind of product. There are however better priced ways of making money online and if you are absolutely certain that you want to get into the online selling niche, there are cheaper products from better known eBay sellers than eTail Academy.



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From: Simon Roberts