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etyres Franchise Review

etyres is an opportunity to start a franchise in mobile tyre replacement. You will operate in your own exclusive patch.

The Company

etyres are an online company that specialise in providing mobile tyre changing services. etyres provide their service at a competitive price and on average are cheaper than major garages with a “high street” presence. As etyres is a mobile service you also get the advantage of being able to go directly to your customers. As a franchise, this helps keep costs down and allows you to work on your own schedule. etyres are a full member of the British Franchise Association which also provides piece of mind.

A Little Background

The etyres application process is a simple one comprised of 5 steps. The first is a meeting with the etyres Managing Director to allow you to discuss the franchising process. From there you should attain funds, sign your franchise agreement, attend training and finally opening your branch. The training is a combination of one week of hands on training at a local branch as well as a further week of business development training. etyres handle marketing and bookings through online and telesales which helps you to generate business.


Starting an etyres costs £30,000 in franchise fees, but there is a discounted rate of £20,000 until the end of July. This includes sourcing of a suitable vehicle although you are expected to pay for this on top of the franchise fees. It is worth noting that etyres work with major banks to help provide financing for this.

Earning Potential

etyres don’t discuss how much money you can expect to make. Realistically though there is potential in an etyres franchise to generate a profit, this is mainly down to the relatively low start-up costs involved.


etyres definitely has potential as a business model. The low overheads allow for decent profit potential. The fact that etyres handle your bookings may be a little off putting for some people as this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re operating as your own boss. That aside, this represents a chance to set up your own business for a very reasonable cost, something that I believe will appeal to young entrepreneurs in particular.



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This is a (defamatory comment removed). franchisees do not make any money, many loose houses and if its such a good business why have so many closed down and so many areas free.

Real (defamation removed), do the maths, Bowman has been selling franchises for nearly 20 years, and typically sells 10 a year, so that’s around 200 he has sold, yet only about 50 struggle on, so yes great business opportunity. Oh forgot to say at an average 20,000 per franchise he sells, that means hes pocketed around £4,000,000.

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From: Simon Roberts