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Every Loser Wins is a new to market greyhound racing tipster service from the Betfan group. As the name implies, it is a laying service (sort of) that has produced some… interesting results.  

Introduction to Every Loser Wins

I always feel like greyhound racing is a bit of an interesting thing to bet on. Whilst it carries come predictability, the right dog in the right trap can always have their day. Which makes it particularly exciting. But it is also generally much simpler than horse racing. I also love the rapid pace of betting, the sheer number of races to bet on, and back when we could, a night at the track (before Belle Vue got closed down) was always a good laugh.

Most importantly though, the reason it is an interesting thing to bet on in my opinion is that there is a lot of overlooked profit to be made here. Let’s not mince words here. Betting on greyhounds is a bit of a niche affair, but I know a lot of people who have used it to consistently produce a profit. Including using the same methods that Betfan are employing with Every Loser Wins. And there is that consistency here. At least to some degree.

The fact of the matter is that Every Loser Wins is a bit of a strange and mixed affair. And as much as the core principles of what are on offer here are solid enough, there is a lot that… Well, frankly, it worries me slightly. Betfan have launched his off the back of some massive profit, but there is some “bigger picture” stuff that really warrants some consideration if you wanted to follow this. So, with that said, let’s get down to it and see what is what.

What Does Every Loser Wins Offer?

When you talk about what Every Loser Wins offers, it is a bit of a difficult thing if I’m honest. Because there is what it (fundamentally) is now, and there is what it once was. Now, it might seem a bit unreasonable to hold a service accountable for something that it used to be, but elements still leak in. And, if I’m completely frank, only a month and a half ago, it was very much that product that it used to be. So it is difficult to separate it entirely.

What you are getting into here is a daily greyhound racing tipster service that is mostly based around lay betting. Because there are also the odd win bets thrown into the mix as well. We’re not talking about a huge amount, for exaiemple, there have been just 10 advised throughout January. However, it is hard to ignore the fact that Betfan have been proofing this as a win based service for some time. A fact that they don’t acknowledge or explain.

Now, whilst I’m talking about the bets, let’s talk about the what I believe to be the single biggest consideration if you want to follow Every Loser Wins. The volume of bets. At the time of writing this, we’re moving towards the end of January. There have been over 500 bets advised. For a single month. Only yesterday, Betfan issued 16 selections. Some days have seen well in excess of 30 bets. That is a lot to be doing in a day. j

One of the good things about lay betting is that you don’t necessarily have to seek out odds in the same way that you would if you were backing. Sure, you want to lay a dog at the lowest odds possible, because that lowers your potential liability, but in theory, all that you’d have to do with Every Loser Wins is go to an exchange, lay off the bets in the morning, and leave them be. Just… Sometimes 30 times a day.

And whilst we’re mentioning the potential liabilities, I want to talk about odds. Because the proofing is very interesting here. For some time, all of the “odds” in the proofing were just a set number. There has been a bit of variance in which number, but it has always been a set one. What is interesting about this is that when a bet has lost, the proofing for Every Loser Wins shows exactly how much has been lost.

Using that information, it becomes very clear to me that Every Loser Wins involves laying dogs with odds as high as 10.0, which means paying out 9 times your stake if it loses. That isn’t insignificant. And these higher numbers aren’t uncommon either with the proofing that is actually properly logged showing a lot of bets at these higher odds too.

All of which is hugely problematic when you factor in the stakes that are involved. You see, Betfan proof Every Loser Wins to 5 points per bet. That means that when that huge loss happens, you’re paying out as much as 45 points. Using £10 stakes, that would mean £450 out of your betting bank straight away.  

Fortunately, this is all aided by a very strong strike rate, with a lot of caveats. Which admittedly, you would expect from a lay betting service. Here, Betfan’s proofing shows that Every Loser Wins is operating at a strike rate of 88% at the time of writing for January. Now, the reason I don’t want to apply other months to this is because, frankly, the proofing is woeful and simply inadequate or unrelated (having included a large number of win bets).

Rather uniquely, I want to end by talking about the logistics of the service (an area where I typically start). Betfan’s involvement means that, at the very least, you get a professional experience. Selections are issued directly via email, there is a member’s area on the site, and there is also the Betfan app. For my money, that is probably the best way to receive selections for Every Loser Wins, or at the very least, you can use it as a way of getting notifications that you can’t miss.

How Does Every Loser Wins Work?

When it comes to discussing how Every Loser Wins works… Well, you’re pretty much in the dark if I’m honest. Because Betfan don’t really provide any insight into things. All that we are told is a little bit about what the tipster behind the service is supposedly like, and his approach to betting. Something that can offer insight, but here, does not.

There is mention made of the fact that he is supposedly good at math, but not good enough to make money on the dogs as those he bet on “lost their races unexpectedly”. Somehow, this was turned around and we are told that there was a profitable strategy created that ultimately, ended with said tipster having his accounts massively restricted. And that is where he moved into lay betting.

This seems like a pretty substantial pivot to me, because if the system being used before Every Loser Wins were profitable, I don’t see why you wouldn’t just move to the exchanges and bet there, rather than this drastic move to lay betting. A very different discipline indeed. It is also concerning to me that this is the case because, once again, I have to highlight that Betfan aren’t telling us anything with this narrative.

It isn’t even like you’re getting full proofing. Something that usually Betfan are very good at. Instead, it is scattered and lacks as quantity of information, and even basic quality. As such, there is, at best, one month that you can see as being reliable. Except… That month is January and still very much ongoing.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are a lot of different options available for Every Loser Wins, each of which differs drastically in terms of your cost, and the value available. By far and away the cheapest option is a weekly subscription which is priced at £10 plus VAT. This is however the worst value by a considerable margin.

Next, there is a “monthly” subscription for Every Loser Wins. It is worth keeping in mind that this is actually billed every 28 days, meaning you can expect to pay out 13 times per year. This is still pricey at £30 plus VAT per “month”.

The best value comes from longer term subscriptions. There is a quarterly subscription which is priced at £84 plus VAT every 90 days. This represents better value than the monthly option, however, you aren’t saving drastic amounts. If you want to get the best possible value out of Every Loser Wins, then you should be looking at the 6 monthly subscription. With an outlay of £143 plus VAT this is the most expensive though.

As a final note, it is worth keeping in mind that there is no real money back guarantee offered with Every Loser Wins. Betfan say that they do review refund requests for their products, however, these are not typically offered.

What is the Rate of Return?

At the time of writing this, Betfan are showing a profit for Every Loser Wins of 875.33 points. Which sounds impressive until you consider the multiple issues that I have with this. First things first, there is the fact that this is to 5 point stakes. As such, I don’t think it is unreasonable to say straight away that the results are inflated. So, immediately, you can scale that back to about 175 points in my eyes.

But this also accounts for a number of bets that were placed before Every Loser Wins seems to have any structure. Unfortunately, once again, one is somewhat forced to view January as the only viable month. And I don’t see why Betfan didn’t just lean into this because the profit stands at about 536 points at the time of writing.

That isn’t the full picture though, as even this month alone has seen losses of 175 points and 145 points, each off a single bet. If you’ve just signed up, that is a massive amount of money to have to make back.

Conclusion for Every Loser Wins

At a glance, Every Loser Wins seems to be a solid option. But I can tell you now that once you start to scratch the surface a little… Well, in my eyes, it becomes a bit of a mess. I fully appreciate that this is a controversial statement, but please allow me to qualify it in order to fully explain myself.

There are a huge number of concerning elements that exist within Every Loser Wins. First things first, let’s address the structure of the service. There is absolutely nothing wrong with changing up what you do as a bettor. In fact, I have seen a number of tipsters actively improve what they’re doing and I generally think that it’s commendable. And I believe that you can even see this here with the change in results.

With that said, it concerns me that a service is being launched following around a month of proofing in this new way. I mean, the tipster behind Every Loser Wins hasn’t tweaked a selection process, they have gone from backing winners to laying. That is a huge difference, and I can’t help but feel like there is some naivety there. Which, in my opinion, is somewhat backed up by those massive individual losses. And with a lack of proofing, it is rather difficult to say that this won’t happen again in the future.

But let’s put all of that to one side for a minute. Let’s pretend that, for the rest of time, Every Loser Wins will perform as it has to date. There is still a hell of a lot of work involved. More than 500 bets in less than a month. That is a huge amount to stake, but don’t forget, with lay betting you need to have the full liability to put up in order to place a bet.

This means one of two things. Firstly, you have to place the bets before the off so that you don’t have too much staked at any one time. But of course, that requires being available constantly due to the rate horse racing takes place at. Alternatively, you need to have a massive betting bank available to you. And with potentially more than 30 bets per day, that is a hell of a lot of money to have to front.

None of this bodes well in my book. Which is a shame, because I do think that there are some decent foundations to Every Loser Wins. What I would have liked to have seen, and probably expected, from Betfan is a better managed approach. There is no reason that this couldn’t have been refined a little and made into a more usable product. Even if they only ran proofing for more than a month.

With all of that in mind, I wouldn’t really look to recommend this. Logistically, it is a bit of a nightmare, it is quite expensive given the situation that it is in, and honestly, I don’t think that there is nearly enough evidence to justify any recommendation. With time, this may be something that is worth revisiting, but here and now, it almost feels like Every Loser Wins has been released prematurely off the back of one big month.  


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