Exchange Profits Review

Exchange Profits is a tipster service operated by “The Barking Dog” who has previously owned race horses. This has apparently allowed them to make many contacts in the industry.

What does the product offer?

Exchange Profits is a tipster service specialising in horse racing provided by The Barking Dog in conjunction with Betfan. The system offers daily email tips covering a number of different types of bets as well as a somewhat unique staking system. Exchange Profits boasts a very respectable strike rate of 52.13%, something that many tipsters would find enviable.

How does the product work?

According to The Barking Dog, he has owned race horses prior to setting up Exchange Profits and it is during this time that he says he built up a network of contacts that feed him the relevant information for all of his tips.

What is the initial investment?

Exchange Profits comes with a one month trial at £25 with the costs going up after this period to £49 per month or £98 per quarter. As this is a Betfan product there is typically no money back guarantee in place but they do say that they will review requests on an individual basis.

What is the rate of return?

At the time of writing Exchange Profits has produced a total profit of 315.43 points profit since January. This doesn’t paint a complete picture though as there is an example this month of Exchange Profits losing 122 points and clawing this back through some staking that some would say looks an awful lot like chasing a loss.


Exchange Profits looks to be something of a potentially risky path. The results look consistent when viewed month on month but as the example above shows the system doesn’t appear to be above pursuing losses and this is a risky business in the long run. There is also the fact that some of the stakes run as high as 10 points, this means that you have to have a very big betting bank in order to absorb losses like the one mentioned above.

For some people this won’t be a problem but for me it seems indicative of underlying issues that may present themselves down the line.



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Lawrence Degville

I have followed this service since inception. Has brought me successful punting. If you are a gambler of any sort you have spells when things go for you and spells when luck turns on you with a vengeance. I find the service gives very good reasons why to be with or against a horse. Many of this services winners are heavily gambled so the tipster must have some information for this to happen so often. The service is showing as at today a 667 points profit. You can’t criticise that unless you are not following the service and winning. I have just bought a new car courtesy of Exchange Profits. I thank them for a great service and I believe they have a strike rate of 67 per cent on all tips this month. Impressive!

i have been on many tipster forums and see the Barking dog does come up with some great tips, i have followed a few free tips on occasions and won

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From: Simon Roberts