Executive Consultancy Racing Review

Executive Consultancy Racing is an independently operated horse racing tipster service from Spencer Hall that claims to be able to offer high quality selections to subscribers.

What does the product offer?

As far as tipster services go, Executive Consultancy Racing is one of the more interesting ones that I have looked at in some time. At first glance it appears that Executive Consultancy Racing is operated entirely anonymously (however some digging around does turn up the name Spencer Hall as a director of the company) and pitches itself as being at the premium end of the tipster market.

In terms of what you can actually expect from Executive Consultancy Racing, Spencer Hall says that there are around “2-3 high quality bets per week” with an average price of around 4/1. Unfortunately, this is about all the information that you get about Executive Consultancy Racing on the sales page.

There aren’t any details in terms of staking plans and no proofing either which makes calculating any strike rate difficult. For what little it is worth (and I would take this with a very healthy pinch of salt), Executive Consultancy Racing is claimed to produce winners on a regular basis and that the strike rate is consistent.

How does the product work?

According to the sales material for Executive Consultancy Racing, each bet is “meticulously planned” with things like handicap ratings, speed figures and “of course our many contacts” take into consideration but this isn’t expanded on.

There is also mention of insight gained through “successful ownership” and 30 years of winning experience however once again, this isn’t something that is explored.

Selections are apparently only sent out via SMS with details of the bet as well as a description as to why it has been chosen .

What is the initial investment?

Executive Consultancy Racing is offered on a free trial basis which appears to be the only option available when you sign up.

There is nothing that really says how long the trial will last with Executive Consultancy Racing however. In fact, the only thing that Spencer Hall has to say is that the length of the trial is dependent on “the opportunities available at any given time” and that users will receive a true reflection of a member’s experience.

Unfortunately, nothing says what the costs are for members which is a concern.

What is the rate of return?

Surprisingly for a direct money making product, there aren’t any claims of how much you can expect to earn with the only real comment being that it will beat any high street investment.


There are a lot of unknowns about Executive Consultancy Racing with everything hinging on you signing up for the free trial.

Whilst this isn’t necessarily a bad thing for those who don’t mind giving away their details, I can definitely see how this isn’t appealing. There is another worry that I have about giving details over to Executive Consultancy Racing which is that a search of the mobile number reveals back in 2012 it was being used for sending out what appear to be spam messages advertising a premium rate phone line.

Personally, I’m not certain I’d even give the free trial of Executive Consultancy Racing a go.



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From: Simon Roberts