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Expert Footy Tips Review

Expert Footy Tips is a sports betting tipster service by Callum Thompson that provides users with weekly accumulator football bets.

What does the product offer?

Expert Footy Tips is a tipster service that specialises in providing accumulator bets (as well as others) to subscribers. Typically there will be 3 different tips (which will range from goal handicaps to accumulators to first goal scorer) sent out each week according to Callum Thompson. The bets are mainly based around the English Premier League but tips may also cover the other major European Leagues. According to Callum Thompson, Expert Footy Tips has achieved an average strike rate of 31.5% although it is worth noting that there is no proofing. As well as the tips subscribers also get access to a member’s only forum and competitions as well as bookmaker promotions.

How does the product work?

Unfortunately the selection process for Expert Footy Tips is never explored with the closest to an answer being “we know how to pick winners!”. Realistically this would appear to be a form and statistics based service although this is somewhat speculative on my behalf.

What is the initial investment?

You can sign up for a free one week trial to Expert Footy Tips by signing up to the mailing list. Once this has passed the service comes in at a still reasonable £10 per month. As is the case with most tipster services, there is no money back guarantee or refund policy in place.

What is the rate of return?

There are no claims made and unfortunately, a lack of proofing makes it rather difficult to gauge how much Expert Footy Tips can earn you. Because it is a football based service though odds are unlikely to be exceptional, even on accumulators.


Honestly there is not enough information on Expert Footy Tips to really make a complete judgement. There are two camps for this and only you will know which you sit in. My first thought is that the lack of results, proofing or even claims of income suggest that there is something about Expert Footy Tips to hide. The other side of me thinks that the strike rate claimed is well within the realms of believability and the costs involved are cheap compared to most tipster services. Personally, with a week’s free trial, ultimately there is nothing to lose in trialling this for a week and deciding from there.



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From: Simon Roberts