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Explaindio Review

Explaindio is a video creation suite from Andrew Darius  that allows you to create your own professional quality sales videos for your website/product.

What does the product offer?

Explaindio is a video creation product that differs to most offerings in that it brings together three different aspects of video creation. The first of these is what Andrew Darius refers to as an Animated Explainer. This allows Explaindio to incorporate animated figures and slideshows (all of which are packaged with the product) that allow you to engage your customers through a relevant character (e.g. Doctor or Businessman). The next aspect is HD Video with Explaindio coming with 100 HD Video backgrounds that you can incorporate into your videos. Finally and arguably one of the key selling points is “whiteboard” style animation where text is “written” and images “drawn” in front of your customers. On top of this Explaindio comes with 20 royalty free music tracks and over 300 fonts and 200 background templates.

How does Explaindio work?

The core idea behind Explaindio is that you use the videos that you create as a springboard for marketing your own products or business. Andrew Darius says that by using videos your customers will be more engaged and it seems logical to make the step that engaged customers are more likely to buy your products than those who aren’t.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing Explaindio is sold for a one time cost of $47 however it is worth noting that this is claimed to be a limited time ting and that a yearly subscription will soon apply. There is a money back guarantee as Explaindio is sold through Clickbank which allows you the usual full 60 day money refund policy.

What is the rate of return?

Because of the nature of Explaindio it is rather difficult to say how much you can expect to earn with it. First and foremost this is a tool and as such I would expect results to be qualitative rather than quantitative however that having been said there is room for saving money on production costs and potentially increased conversion and therefore profits.

Conclusion on Explaindio

I have looked at a huge number of different video creation products, many focussing on one aspect or another of Explaindio however frankly, none of them have the same kind of quality as Explaindio. The fact that it is able offer a pretty complete video sales package for the price that it does is surprising and looking at some example videos, the quality is genuinely professional looking whereas in my experience, many video creation tools of this nature create rather cheap looking end results.

Because of the customisation Explaindio could be utilised in any niche without too much work and it is further customisable with your own content should it not have exactly what you are looking for. Don’t get me wrong, there are some restrictions and to say that Explaindio is anywhere near the quality that a semi professional operation would put out would be bold, however for less than $50, Explaindio should cover all your needs for marketing videos.



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From: Simon Roberts