Exponential Bet Dutch Betting Review

Exponential Bet Dutch Betting is a horse racing betting service which comes from Ryan Phillips of Exponential Bet. As the name suggests, the service is based around identifying dutching bets.

Introduction to Exponential Bet Dutch Betting

With so many different approaches to betting, it can be very difficult to know what to look out for, however there is no ignoring the fact that dutching can be one of the better approaches.

After all, if it is done correctly, quite literally can guarantee you a profit, no matter the outcome of a race. Fantastic right? So why isn’t everybody doing this? The short answer is that it is hard, and takes a lot of work.

Exponential_Bet_Dutch_Betting_ReviewIn Exponential Bet Dutch Betting, it would seem that Ryan Phillips aims to remedy this somewhat by allowing you access to his own selections based around this profitable approach. Can it deliver though? Let’s see.

What Does Exponential Bet Dutch Betting Offer?

Exponential Bet Dutch Betting is quite interesting as an offering in so much as you can take it as far as you want, or you can keep it as simple as you want. I do intend to cover all of these options in this review, however I would like to start by looking at the things that all memberships include.

Ryan Phillips provides users with a “Getting Started” document, a spreadsheet for recording your results, staking advice, access to a member’s area and finally, full support. This is a pretty decent initial offering from Exponential Bet Dutch Betting in my opinion. The fact of the matter is that there are a number of services that don’t offer anything like this and it can leave bettors stranded.

With that out of the way, it is time to talk about the different options that are available to Exponential Bet Dutch Betting subscribers. First of all, there is the “Top 2 Dutch” service. This provides you with details of recommended races whereby it is advised that you Dutch the top two horses.

These bets are backed to a strict staking plan in order to limit liability. Ryan Phillips says that he sends out “Top 2 Dutch” bets to Exponential Bet Dutch Betting subscribers “most days throughout the week”.

The next aspect of Exponential Bet Dutch Betting is a little more complex than this.

These are referred to as “One Dutch” bets and involve using the BSP Multiple section of Betfair. Ryan Phillips also suggests that there is a more complex staking system in place as well with bets varying from 0.5% of your betting bank all the way to 10% (depending on things like the race quality, conditions, time of year etc.).

This aspect of Exponential Bet Dutch Betting is less consistent than the “Top 2 Dutch” side of things with Ryan Phillips saying that bets are sent when the racing suits. It is worth noting that this option is only available in addition to “Top 2 Dutch”.

Finally, there is the crème de la crème of Exponential Bet Dutch Betting, The Complete Dutch Betting Guide. This comes with access to the bets mentioned, however it also comes with a number of additional resources.

These range from a step by step instruction manual, to visual resources and access to a “member’s video vault” which provides “more examples of sourcing and placing the bets with an explanation of the selection process”. Ryan Phillips also says that if you have signed up through this, you also get all future upgrades.

How Does Exponential Bet Dutch Betting Work?

The fundamental principle of Exponential Bet Dutch Betting is a sound one. Dutching is a great way of reducing your risk, admittedly at the cost of some profit. But for those who are looking to the longer term, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Now, it is clear that Exponential Bet Dutch Betting is a little more involved than this and it is much less black and white than I have made Dutching sound, but it is still a pretty solid fundamental on which to build.

Moving on to the selection process itself, there isn’t a huge amount of information provided. This is a little disappointing however I do feel that there are some pretty solid mitigating circumstances. First of all, Ryan Phillips has provided results going all the way back to 2017.

The second point is that I am relatively familiar with the Exponential Bet brand. I have to be honest and say that they don’t necessarily stand out as a “must have” tipster stable, however I will say that they are genuine and reputable enough that I don’t doubt their claims.

What is the Initial Investment?

The pricing for Exponential Bet Dutch Betting is an area where things start to become a little convoluted. First of all, there is the Top 2 Dutch element of the service. Ryan Phillips offers this on a monthly, six monthly and annual subscription.

These are priced at £19.99, £99.99 and £179.99 respectively. If you want to add the One Dutch aspect, the costs increase to £29.99 per month, £148.99 every six months or £268.99 for the full year.

Moving away from the subscription side of things, you can buy The Complete Dutch Betting Guide for a one time cost of £99.99. This comes with everything I have already detailed, as well as including 3 months subscription to All Dutch Bets.

Given that this is only 2p more expensive than paying for 3 months as a subscription, there is a strong argument to be made that this is the best possible value.

It is worth noting that all payment options for Exponential Bet are handled directly via Paypal and there is no Money back guarantee in place for Exponential Bet Dutch Betting.

What is the Rate of Return?

The results for Exponential Bet Dutch Betting are rather disappointing if I am completely blunt. The best performing service is One Dutch which over 99 bets has produced a profit of some £447 using 5% stakes of a £1,000 bank.

This is what the website states:

Exponential_Bet_Dutch_Betting_ResultsUnfortunately, the Top 2 Dutch service has ultimately ended up losing money, more amount specifically, a 2% decrease in your betting bank. This is not necessarily the largest, however it will naturally eat into the profits that your One Dutch bets are making.

Conclusion to Exponential Bet Dutch Betting Service

There is no denying that in setting out to create Exponential Bet Dutch Betting, Ryan Phillips has undertaken quite a lot of work and ultimately, I think that this shows in the overall package.

Dutching in any format is not necessarily the easiest thing to do (because if it was simple, we’d all be at it) and credit has to be given for putting together a product that ultimately provides you with a decent start up pack in the shape of The Complete Dutch Betting Guide.

If this were the end of things, I’d probably wind up by saying it is a well intentioned thing and move on. Unfortunately, the complete guide is only one aspect of Exponential Bet Dutch Betting.

So, having covered the positives of the service, I want to talk about how well it has all actually performed.

This is an area where Exponential Bet Dutch Betting really falls flat. First of all, one of the major elements of the service has fallen down with the Top 2 Dutch service making a loss. 2% doesn’t sound like a lot to lose, but the end game here is to make money. Saying that you aren’t losing a lot doesn’t matter if you are simply going to continue to lose it.

There is also an argument to be had that actually, overall, Exponential Bet Dutch Betting has come in at profit because One Dutch has made money. The fact of the matter though is that this isn’t really good enough in a competitive market.

Know how these things go, and somebody will inevitably tell me that making 47.7% of your betting bank over a year is a decent result. Maybe, if you have a few hundred grand to play with. For a starting bank of £1,000 I think that £477 is pretty naff and I can think of several products that offer much better returns.

With all of this in mind, I can see what Ryan Phillips has set out to do here. In some respects, I don’t think that he has necessarily done the worst of jobs.

The problem is that whilst pure profit may not always be everything, it has to be a big part of anything that pertains to helping you to make money. As such, I cannot see myself recommending Exponential Bet Dutch Betting.


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Why can’t someone give the formula for dutch betting. I want to back four horses in a race–if one wins I receive 20 $ profit..I don’t need the palaver just the formula.
many thanks. Alex

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