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Exponential Bet is a new website that offers a number of different betting products operated by Ryan Phillips. This includes football and horse racing tips as well as their own take on trading on betting exchanges.

What does the product offer?

Knowing where to start in terms of what Exponential Bet has to offer is somewhat difficult. This is in no small part down to the number of differing services and systems that they have on offer. Furthermore, at the time of writing there are few services which are due to launch shortly. None the less, I will be covering what you can expect from these as there is information provided by Exponential Bet

I think that the first place to start is with the product which you can currently buy. Referred to as the Complete Exponential Dutch Betting System (a mouthful and make no mistake), this is actually a service which brings together 3 different dutching systems. These are all wildly different in their approaches. System One is referred to as a “Cautious Approach”,  System Two is seen as a “Broader Approach” whilst System Three is referred to as “Higher Return”.

These three aspects of Complete Exponential Dutch Betting System ensure that as a user, you are able to best choose the system that works for your betting bank and your aspirations. As you can expect, the results for each of these systems is rather different as the table below demonstrates (it should also be noted that System One has been tested over 8 months whilst the others have been tested over just 2.5 months):

System One     – 167 Bets with a 99% Strike Rate –   620% Balance Growth

System Two    – 30 Bets with a 100% Strike Rate –   24% Balance Growth

System Three – 39 Bets with a 97% Strike Rate –     275% Balance Growth.

As well as receiving the systems from Exponential Bet, there is also an option to simply receive dutching selections directly from Ryan Phillips to your email. These are sent out no later than midday on the day of the race.

With that out of the way I want to talk about another aspect of Exponential Bet which is Pre-Race trading. This is currently being trialled by Ryan Phillips on a blog on the main site and currently shows bank growth of 24%. This will likely be launched under the Exponential Bet brand before the end of November and from what I have seen so far seems to show a lot of potential.

The final aspect of Exponential Bet is to be a football tipster service which is also ran by Exponential Bet. This will provide daily betting advice with selections emailed out “no later than a couple of hours before kick off”. As with the Ryan Phillips’s Pre-Race Trading Guide, Exponential Bet Football Betting Tips is set to launch in November.

How does the product work?

In terms of how Exponential Bet works, there is an overarcing philosophy behind most of what Ryan Phillips offers and that is about building your bank. With this own betting the talks a lot about reinvesting and increasing staking through compounding etc. This is something that is ultimately applied to all aspects of Exponential Bet.

In terms of the Complete Exponential Dutch Betting System, it is a rather difficult thing to say too much without giving everything away. As with all dutching systems, you are placing multiple bets on events with a view to profiting regardless of the outcome. There are plenty of detailed guides online about this so I won’t talk about this too much here.

What is the initial investment?

As I have mentioned, at the time of writing you can only purchase one of Ryan Phillips’s products through Exponential Bet. This is Complete Exponential Dutch Betting System and the related tipster service, both of which are sold independently of one another. The betting system itself is rather steep at £149 however it arguably represents better value in the long term than simply receiving selections. This is because if you opt to receive tips from Exponential Bet there is a monthly cost of £29.99.

What is the rate of return?

I have already touched upon the rates of returns that the available portion of Exponential Bet has achieved and so I won’t repeat them here. The problem that I have with return percentages is that they don’t easily demonstrate how much profit (or loss) is actually attained. To create context, had you followed all Exponential Bet betting systems and started with £100 in each, your profit would currently stand at £919.20. Given that this has taken place over 9 months, I feel that this is a very reasonable figure indeed.


In its current format Exponential Bet demonstrates potential, however I believe that this is about the extent of the service right now. I can’t argue that Ryan Phillips and his Complete Exponential Dutch Betting System have produced some pretty reasonable results however they exist in a competitive market. One of the best produces I have ever used for dutching didn’t cost nearly as much as Exponential Bet and that brings me to the biggest downside, value for money.

Truth be told, no matter how you look at it Exponential Bet is not cheap. This in and of itself isn’t necessarily a problem. For something genuinely unique and profitable, I am not certain that there is such a thing as too expensive.  When you are putting out a product that has as many rivals as Exponential Bet has, it is important to look at what rival products are charging and how much they earn. Unfortunately, I find Exponential Bet to be a bit lacking in this department.

All of this is rather a shame. When I started to look over Exponential Bet I was rather impressed with what was on offer and to a degree, I stand by this gut instinct. In fact, I can’t stress enough that Exponential Bet isn’t a bad product and once Ryan Phillips extends his service past Complete Exponential Dutch Betting System, it could well end up better off overall. This is however highly dependent on the price.

Exponential Bet is a bit of a funny one if I am honest, in no small part due to the fact that there are some products yet to launch. As it currently stands, I cannot really recommend the service as I find it to be too expensive compared to other products that are cut from practically the same cloth. That having been said, I wouldn’t dismiss Exponential Bet entirely out of hand and I may well come back to this next year to look at it once everything is up and running properly.


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Hi, this is Ryan from Exponential Bet. I appreciate you taking time to look at my website, I’d like to invite you to revisit as my other services launched, with just one final piece in the jigsaw to be released on the 30th January, the Betfair Trading Guide. Take a look, I’d be grateful for your honest feedback now you’ve more to assess. Also, in 2018 the staking has been revised for Dutching and it’s been a busy month so far, 19 bets and a 100% strike rate, giving my members a profitable start to the year. If you’ve any questions about any of my services, please get in touch anytime. Best Regards

Hi Curtis,
you mentioned an excellent dutching system that costs less, do you mind sharing the info? Cheers!

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