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Extra 1K Income Review

Extra 1K Income is a product developed by Davis Lex. It is a training course on how to make money by using arbitrage for services that people want.

What does the product offer?

Extra 1K Income is a training guide that users access online which teach users how to generate an income online by taking advantage of service arbitrage. There are 3 modules to Extra 1K Income which Davis Lex says will ultimately set you up to start making money through this method. The modules cover a basic introduction about creating the right mentality before moving onto the actual methods of execution and ultimately ending with a troubleshooting section.

How does the product work?

Service arbitrage is the process of finding somebody who wants a service and then finding somebody else who will carry out that service for you for less than the original party is paying (usually though Fiverr and websites like it). As a middleman you can pocket the difference as your profit. This isn’t a new system and I don’t believe that Extra 1K Income brings anything new to an income method that is reasonably well known online now.

What is the initial investment?

Davis Lex charges $10.57 at the time of writing although Extra 1K Income is on a dime sale so this will go up as more people purchase he product. Extra 1K Income also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee so if you aren’t happy with the product you can claim a refund.

What is the rate of return?

Davis Lex throws about a lot of numbers in the sales pitch for Extra 1K Income, from $1,500 sales in testimonials to his claim that he has made over $1,000 in a single week.


The principles laid out for Extra 1K Income are nothing new and as I have mentioned, I don’t believe that this brings anything new to this niche. The best thing that Extra 1K Income has going for it is that it is cheap but otherwise I consider it to be rather unspectacular. There is fundamentally some merit in the system but there are a lot of potential problems that could arise further down the line. Personally this isn’t for me and I certainly don’t see the point in paying for the guide when the core of Extra 1K Income is so easy to understand.



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From: Simon Roberts