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Extra Income Game Plan Review

Extra Income Game Plan is a training guide by Finn Nelson that teaches users how to start a profitable online business using email lists.

What does the product offer?

Extra Income Game Plan is a 37 page PDF guide that is supported by training videos as well as an action plan. Extra Income Game Plan is focussed on teaching users how to start building up their own mailing list and how to market to this list successfully. Creator Finn Nelson says that this is a simple thing to do and that the methods employed in Extra Income Game Plan don’t require much in the way of time, effort or technical knowledge. There are also a number of bonuses provided such as graphics, sales copy and even resell rights to products.

How does the product work?

Extra Income Game Plan is based on a simple enough premise. Lists are a part of any marketer’s toolbox and Finn Nelson uses Extra Income Game Plan to help people get their foot in the door with this. It is worth noting that Extra Income Game Plan comes in a “blueprint” format so it does give step by step instructions on what to do to get your list building going.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing Extra Income Game Plan is available for a trial period of 1 week at just $1. It is worth keeping in mind that Extra Income Game Plan is a subscription based service so subsequent months will cost $7 per month. There is also a 365 day money back guarantee provided by the Finn Nelson if “Your financial lifestyle doesn’t take a dramatic turn for the better”.

What is the rate of return?

Finn Nelson says that with a list of 1500 people the least that Extra Income Game Plan subscribers can expect is $500 per month.


Given the price I think that there is a lot on offer in Extra Income Game. The monthly cost is mainly there for subscribing to products that you get resell rights for so if this doesn’t appeal there is no reason you can’t cancel the recurring payments. It is worth noting that Extra Income Game Plan seems to be aimed more at entry level internet marketers so if you are already marketing successfully, there is unlikely to be anything here that appeals to you.



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