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Tested Income Generation Products

Proven To Generate Income

Below you will find products, and information, that our researchers have spent time testing. Only products that have proven to generate income are shown.

We have been working online for well over 15+ years, and know exactly what to look for, and what are customers are able to complete. The majority of this information also comes with a full money back guarantee, should in the unlikely event you do not make money – A perfect solution.


Betfair Scalping Course - Highly RecommendedThis product is taking the internet by storm, and has fast become one of the most talked about income generation products for many years.

Betfair Scalping is a methodology of ‘skimming’ all the liquidity that enters the Betfair market before the races have even started, so it is very, very low risk.

There have been very many reviews for this product since it launched, and the course now contains over 10 hours of HD video content that will show you exactly how to generate a tax free profit by scalping all the money that enters the markets.

This is not gambling, because you are making your profits before the races have even started, so basically you are making profits from other people’s money without them even realising what is happening.

We have tested this product ourselves, and easily made a profit once the strategies have been learned, and also there is a members area on the course where you will see many other members showing their profits also.

The profits can be made in the afternoons, evenings, or even at weekends – Whenever you have the time. The way this works is that you learn the strategies, then start small. When you become confident then you can scale up and make higher profits.

One member made £415 in one day alone, and there are screenshots of many more profits being made.

One member recently made 48 winning trades without a single loss.

We definitely advise this Betfair course to add to your toolbox of profits.

Full details of this product can be found by clicking the button below:

Make £50 a Day on Betfair – RECOMMENDED

50aday-imageThis information will show how one particular gentleman has been making over £50 per day for the last 9 years, using what he calls a reversal of what everybody else is doing wrong!

Using just Betfair’s website, this chap has exposed a little known strategy that means he makes a profit every day he uses the system, and how he has built a lifestyle around this same principle.

We have tested this ourselves, and the gains we made were fantastic for the space of time we tested it. It wasn’t difficult to follow, and there is also complete video instruction contained within the product which will show you live videos of the product being used, which was very helpful.

Full tools are also provided included a profit spreadsheet, video explanations, a members area, as well as all the written materials you need to fully understand how this works.

You will be shown where most people go wrong when trying to make a profit on Betfair, and how just by using one particular change, you are then stacking the odds in your favour – on the way to making a daily profit.

This is another product we recommend after our own testing results.

Full details of this product can be found by clicking the button below:


profit-maximiser-imageProfit Maximiser has been out for a few years now, and was easily one of the front runners where making money from bookmakers are concerned.

Mike Cruickshank, who runs the website has become a master at devising various ways to extract profit from the bookies, and this Profit Maximiser product is the best of his offerings by far.

Individual participants have made as much as £50k+ since joining, and there is also a Facebook group where you will see all these fantastic profits being displayed.

What Profit Maximiser teaches, is exactly how to capitalise on certain websites, their offers, and how to make a 100% risk free profit, and often.

This really is a great product, and has also stood the test of time. Mike Cruickshank has made himself extremely wealthy on the back of generating a lot of money, and profit for others.

If you are interested in making risk free profits this way, that are guaranteed, then look no further than Profit Maximiser.

This is another product we recommend after our own testing results.

Full details of this product can be found by clicking the button below:


accumulator-generator-imageAccumulator Generator has been around for a few years as well, and is still generating fantastic profits for it’s users.

Simlar to the product above, it is offered by legendary Mike Cruickshank, and this is again one of his best selling products. Why? Because it also makes fantastic profits.

Accumulator Generator uses a principle that the bookmakers absolutely hate. You see, bookmakers love people taking out accumulators because the chances of them all winning is slim to none, but Accumulator Generator makes this possible.

What Mike has done is made sure that although you can take accumulators out, you can guarantee a profit no matter what happens, and this is unique to the industry, because this has never happened before.

Not only that, but with Accumulator Generator you gain access to the online tools that actually find you where all the opportunities are, so you simply log into Mike’s website, click a few buttons and then the profits are presented to you.

You then place your bets, and let the system do it’s thing, and make the profit. It really is a fantastic way to make money. We have tested this, and the results were brilliant!

This is another product we recommend after our own testing results.

Full details of this product can be found by clicking the button below:

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