EZ Spokesperson Creator Review

EZ Spokesperson Creator is a new product from Matt Bush that allows users to create their own spokesperson videos for a variety of different niches.

What does the product offer?

Matt Bush refers to EZ Spokesperson Creator as the world’s first “Video Spokesperson” creator software which does a rather good job of overselling what EZ Spokesperson Creator is really capable of. That doesn’t mean that EZ Spokesperson Creator is a bad product. As I will explore in this review, it does what it sets out to do very competently, I simply have some questions in terms of the demand for content that you create.

So what exactly is EZ Spokesperson Creator? It is a cloud based piece of software that is essentially a video editing suite, albeit one that has been created with the intent of producing very specific content.

This is mostly down to the fact that EZ Spokesperson Creator has been created to work with the various pre created templates that come with the product itself.

There are 50 of these templates, each of which feature an actor or actress talking rather generically about the business that you are involved in.

Each niche that EZ Spokesperson Creator has content for also has both a male and female spokesperson. As well as this, EZ Spokesperson Creator also comes with “dozens” of customisable backdrops, customisable graphics and royalty free music. One of the much touted features of EZ Spokesperson Creator is also that you can include any image as the background.

Matt Bush pushes using a picture of the inside of the business to make it seem like your video was filmed there.

Also included with EZ Spokesperson Creator is full training on the subject hosted by Matt Bush as well as a number of additional bonuses.

These are a live webinar in which Matt Bush shows you how to start your business as a video marketer with EZ Spokesperson Creator. There are also additional templates covering additional niches as well as providing some more diversity.

How does the product work?

There are two main ways that you can use EZ Spokesperson Creator. The first of these are in your own marketing, however given the rather restrictive or overly vague content in the templates, this is very much a personal choice.

The main method that Matt Bush recommends you employ to profit from EZ Spokesperson Creator is setting up your own local video marketing company.

What this entails is essentially getting into contact with local  businesses which operate in the niches that you have video content for. From here, you then offer them a marketing video that they can use on their website. This sounds well and good but it is also where I have issues with EZ Spokesperson Creator as a concept.

What is the initial investment?

There are two options available for those who wish to subscribe to EZ Spokesperson Creator. The first of these is the basic license which comes with no real training and no commercial license for your videos.

This sells for $24.95. The commercial license however comes with unlimited usage rights for the videos you create. This license extends to not just you, but also to your clients.

EZ Spokesperson Creator does come with a money back guarantee however as Matt Bush is ultimately selling his product through JVZoo there are restrictions. This includes a 30 day refund period and also the fact that you will have to deal with the vendor directly to claim your refund.

What is the rate of return?

I find it rather interesting that there is no real discussion on how much you can expect to make through EZ Spokesperson Creator, especially as Matt Bush is marketing it as something of a business in a box.

There is only one mention in terms of income potential that really warrants mentioning and that is a claim that the videos you create with EZ Spokesperson Creator can sell for hundreds of dollars a piece.


EZ Spokesperson Creator is a product that in and of itself, isn’t bad. As I have touched upon, in terms of the spokesperson video market, it is one of the best quality examples out there. Personally, I just don’t see too many businesses lining up to take advantage of your services and I certainly can’t see them paying anywhere close to a hundred dollars for a video.

The fact is that in my eyes, there are two very big problems that EZ Spokesperson Creator has for you as a retailer of marketing videos.

Number one is competition and cost. I don’t mean this in the sense of other people using EZ Spokesperson Creator, but with Fiverr a thing, you can request your own personalised video be made for $5. This makes it very hard for you as a creator of marketing content to justify a cost of hundreds of dollars for something which is off the shelf.

This leads rather nearly into the next problem which is the size of your metaphorical shelf. There are only a certain number of businesses that you can create videos for before you are repeating the same content.

Take hairdressing as an example. There are a finite number of templates for this niche, so it won’t be long before you are selling multiple hair salons the same video. Even with differing backgrounds, you can see how this can very quickly present problems.

Like I say, despite these criticisms, I don’t think that EZ Spokesperson Creator does a bad job in terms of video creation. What I really take exception to is how Matt Bush chooses to market the product.

To suggest that this is a complete business is a massive stretch. With that in mind, you may find something in EZ Spokesperson Creator (and at $30 it is pretty fairly priced) however I don’t see this being all that it is made out to be.



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From: Simon Roberts