Facebook Ad Secret Training Review

Facebook Ad Secret Training is a training course by internet marketer Armand Morin. In it he teaches users about how to get the most out of Facebook ads.

What does the product offer?

Facebook Ad Secret Training is a video training course that is designed to show users how to get the most out of advertising on Facebook. Creator Armand Morin says that he is able to do this by showing users how to use different types of adverts to reach the correct audience and achieve the desired result. The video training for Facebook Ad Secret Training runs for around 5 hours and appears to be hosted by Armand Morin.

How does the product work?

According to Armand Morin he stumbled upon the secrets contained within Facebook Ad Secret Training when he accidentally discovered a secret file from Facebook. This file was a PDF document that highlighted all the different types of adverts that are available and what you can expect for them. This became the foundation of Facebook Ad Secret Training and combined with his experience ultimately became the end result.

What is the initial investment?

Facebook Ad Secret Training is available for a one off cost of $197 but Armand Morin says that he plans to raise the costs of this to $297 in the immediate future. Unfortunately there is no mention of any money back guarantee in place.

What is the rate of return?

Although there aren’t any real advertised rates of return on Facebook Ad Secret Training, Armand Morin says that he saw increases of 200-500% in terms of the number of clicks he got on his ads although how this converts isn’t really discussed.


I believe that most of what is on offer in Facebook Ad Secret Training really has genuine merit, the question here is whether or not it is enough to warrant the cost which many people will probably find prohibitive.

I am somewhat doubtful about the overall value of Facebook Ad Secret Training which is why I would personally give it a miss. For those who wish to make Facebook advertising a large part of their business though, there may be some merit here.



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