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Facebook Product Secrets Review

FB Profit Secrets is a training course that teaches users how to utilise Facebook to generate traffic and revenue through your online business.

What does the product offer?

The product provides you with a series of step-by-step videos that cover a wide variety of topics. These range from setting up a Facebook account, monetising you Facebook page and getting Facebook ads approved.

How does the product work?

FB Product Secrets provides its users with 10 videos that claim to teach users how to utilise a Facebook profile for monetisation purposes. This is achieved by utilising Facebook adverts and profile subscribers to direct traffic to your main website where you offer products for sale. The creator of the product also claims it can build loyal members into the thousands and provide “responsive, participating subscribers”.

What is the initial investment?

The product retails for a cost of $47 discounted from $197. There is also a 30 day guarantee provided.

What is the rate of return?

There is not a rate of return explicitly mentioned but the website does say “pockets you thousands of dollars month in, month out!”


On paper it seems like this product is really offering a lot, especially in terms of the potential returns. The fact of the matter is that this seems to be nothing more than a well-dressed tutorial for Facebook. The claims made seem very outlandish and whilst there is no doubt that there is massive potential in terms of using Facebook to reach out to a new market, this is generally built on the back of an already successful product. All in all I think that this isn’t even the kind of product that can be seen as “worth a punt” as the cost is somewhat prohibitive for what is on offer, even with the 30 day guarantee.



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From: Simon Roberts