Facebook Profits Frenzy Review

Facebook Profits Frenzy is a training guide and step by step blueprint from Bill Winters that shows you how to make money on Facebook.

What does the product offer?

Facebook Profits Frenzy is a downloadable guide to making money through Facebook. Creator Bill Winters claims that Facebook Profits Frenzy is “hands down the quickest and easiest system to make money online”. Facebook Profits Frenzy’s step by step guide will allegedly teach you how best to leverage Facebook in order to generate the maximum profits. There are also two bonus products in the form of a cheat sheet and a book of additional Facebook “secrets”.

How does the product work?

Although Bill Winters divulges nothing in the sales material whatsoever about how Facebook Profits Frenzy works other than him saying that he “cracked the code”. It seems to involve using Facebook as a platform for affiliate marketing or for marketing your own products though. This is however only speculation on my behalf. Interestingly Facebook Profits Frenzy seems to have been launched in early 2013 with all results shown being from that time.

What is the initial investment?

Facebook Profits Frenzy ultimately will cost $54 however the payment is broken down. The first two weeks are free then after that there are 2 payments of $27 every two weeks. Facebook Profits Frenzy comes with a vendor backed guarantee whereby Bill Winters says that if you can show that you have unsuccessfully tried to implement what Facebook Profits Frenzy teaches, you can claim a refund and he will also give you an additional $100.

What is the rate of return?

Bill Winters shows screenshots showing that indicate income of between $500 and $1000 per week although the dates that are selected are a very narrow window.


I have some considerable concerns regarding Facebook Profits Frenzy, namely the lack of information and also the fantastic sounding but actually rather questionably phrased money back guarantee. To add to these concerns is the notion that Facebook Profits Frenzy may actually already be out of date. There are a significant number of guides out there about making money on Facebook and I feel that Facebook Profits Frenzy doesn’t really do anything to favourably position itself as a competitor in this market. Personally I would give Facebook Profits Frenzy a miss.



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From: Simon Roberts