Factor Seven Racing Review

Factor Seven Racing is a new horse racing tipster service which is being offered through the Tipster TV arm of the Betfan group. It is a service that has shown potential for high profit in a small space of time.

What does the product offer?

According to Tipster TV, Factor Seven Racing is “the perfect horse racing partner for incredible cash profits”. They also top this by headlining about spanking the bookie and winning at the races. Both of these are of course fine claims to make, and many a service before them have made similar claims. The question that hangs here is whether or not this newest Betfan product actually has the chops to deliver.

Given that the service is being advertised as a highly profitable and surprisingly straightforward, there is actually a strong possibility that Factor Seven Racing is as good as claimed. There are also some results to back this up however I will get to these later. So, what are Tipster TV claiming that Factor Seven Racing will provide? They say that what is on offer is a compelling win bet service that assures edge of your seat entertainment. This is all well and good, however I would prefer dull and steady profits if given a choice.

Logistically, is there any truth to this? As is typical for a tipster service, Factor Seven Racing is an email based affair. Selections are not issued on a daily basis, however there are no significant gaps where you will be waiting around for tips either. In terms of the tips themselves, this is a mixed bag however the Factor Seven Racing team do provide a detailed report on why a selection has been issued. This is something that is missing from a lot of services and is definitely nice to see.

Moving onto the bets themselves, I find it interesting that Factor Seven Racing is sold as a win bet service, and I suppose technically it is. After all, all of the bets are some form of back to win. They are also a massive variety of win bets. Whilst the majority are straightforward back to win affairs, Factor Seven Racing also has its fair share of doubles and trebles. There has even been some of the more exotic bet types appearing recently.

As you may well expect, these bets cover a massive variety of different odds with some horses being backed at odds of 33/1 in some cases. This kind of betting can be problematic, however, unlike some services that I have looked at recently (particularly within the Betfan group) Factor Seven Racing does do a reasonable job of containing the volume of bets. Whilst some particularly busy days may have 8 or so tips sent out, these are far from common place.

In terms of the numbers, the staking plan for Factor Seven Racing is the usual Betfan affair. This means that bets are typically advised at 5 points per bet. The exception to this are some of the more exotic affairs which generally involve staking less. The strike rate for Factor Seven Racing is reasonable enough with Tipster TV reporting an average of 27.37% over 4 months. Given the mix of odds that you are backing with Factor Seven Racing, this is a pretty decent result.

How does the product work?

In terms of the actual selection process for Factor Seven Racing, there is very little information available which is rather disappointing. That having been said, there are some mitigating factors at play here as far as I am concerned. Key to this is the fact that the Factor Seven Racing team go into so much detail when they issue their selections. This means that as you follow their tips, you can also increase your own understanding of horse racing, an always welcome bonus.

It is also important to note that whilst Tipster TV don’t provide any real information on what the selection process for Factor Seven Racing entails, you don’t go in entirely blind either. There are supposedly 7 different criteria that are in place including things like ratings, race conditions and “other key performance related criteria”. Whilst not detailed, this does provide enough information to make an informed decision about the service.

What is the initial investment?

There are two options available for those who wish to buy into Factor Seven Racing. The first of these is a monthly subscription (actually 28 days) or alternatively, you can sign up for a quarterly subscription (90 days) for a discounted rate. These are priced at £48 plus VAT and £96 plus VAT respectively. It is worth pointing out however that at the time of writing this, Tipster TV are offering an introductory offer which means that you can sign up for Factor Seven Racing for half price. This means £24 plus VAT for a month or £48 plus VAT for a quarter.

Factor Seven Racing is ultimately a Betfan product and as such, there is no money back guarantee in place. That having been said, the team do say that they will review any requests for refunds and if they feel it is merited, they will provide this. I wouldn’t however purchase Factor Seven Racing with any expectation of getting this.

What is the rate of return?

So far Tipster TV have been proofing Factor Seven Racing for just 4 months. In this relatively short space of time, the service has accumulated a points profit of 813.55 points. This is an incredible achievement in and of itself (even factoring in that the profits are somewhat inflated by the staking plan). What really makes Factor Seven Racing stand out as far as I am concerned is the ROI. At 90.85%, this is one of the best results I have seen this year that have been sustained over any significant period of time.


There are a few things to look at with Factor Seven Racing. The first and most obvious is the profits. 813.55 points in 4 months is outstanding and whilst I’d be surprised if the service is able to keep this level of profit up for 12 months, it seems fair to say that it will make more. How much remains to be seen but I do have rather high hopes for Factor Seven Racing.

As a service, I also feel that there is a lot to like. The fact that your selections are so detailed is something that is missing from so many tipster services and it pleases me to say Factor Seven Racing offering this. It allows you to make an informed decision on your bets and increase your abilities as a bettor. This is something that can be invaluable in the longer term as you learn what to look for etc.

This only really leaves the question of value for money. Personally, I think that there is a lot to be had here. Factor Seven Racing isn’t overly pricey really. It is certainly in the realm of reasonable for a tipster service nowadays. For this cost, I think that you are probably getting one of the more complete tipster services that I have looked at recently.

Betfan have really started to up their game in recent months and there have been a number of products which have impressed. Factor Seven Racing is definitely one of them. There is genuinely a lot to like and whilst there is always the possibility that Factor Seven Racing will not maintain profit, so far there have been no significant drops to suggest that this is an area for concern. As such, I am cautiously optimistic about this newest service and feel that it is well worth your consideration.



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