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Fake Mug Bets Club is a new product offered by Agora Lifestyles on behalf of Pete Ling of the Secret Betting Club and tipster Kieran Ward. It claims to generate a substantial profit without ever endangering your bookmaker accounts.

What does the product offer?

According to the sales material from Agora Lifestyles, Fake Mug Bets Club will allow you to become one of a small percentage of punters who can “potentially mop up thousands of pounds in a single day from this high profit, low stakes “disguised” horse racing strategy”. I have to admit that you could colour me intrigued when I saw this headline, especially as there are further references to tricking the bookies by “acting like a wolf in sheep’s clothing”.

Going over the sales material, my curiosity for Fake Mug Bets Club increased as frankly, I wasn’t certain that I had ever seen anything like it before. Furthermore, with talk of throwing away money on losing bets and still making a profit, I knew that I had to get to the bottom of what Fake Mug Bets Club really entails. Unfortunately, despite some very exotic marketing from Agora Lifestyles, this isn’t quite as impressive as it sounds.

So what are you getting exactly? Fake Mug Bets Club is fundamentally a tipster service. Selections are issued on most days (with the exception of Sundays) and always before 10.30am. Kieran Ward includes details of which horse to back etc. as well as details of which bookmaker is offering the best odds on a given day. This is a massive boon and exactly the kind of information that I expect from a tipster.

In terms of the kinds of bets that you will be placing, they are varied (as I will get to in detail a little later on) however mostly you are backing favourites. This means low odds however in spite of this, this Pete Ling says that this style of betting still produces a strong profit. Furthermore, this is done off the back of a very simple staking plan which takes me on to the numbers side of Fake Mug Bets Club.

The staking plan for Fake Mug Bets Club is a relatively straight forward affair. It is recommended that you stake £10 per point and place 1 point on each bet. This will however mean placing £100-110 pounds worth of bets depending on how closely you are following the rules of Fake Mug Bets Club. This is because of the types of bets that you are placing.

There is one thing about Fake Mug Bets Club that is somewhat interesting and this is the strike rate. Whilst there is no publicised strike rate as such, the sales material from Agora Lifestyles claim that the service has a “70% winning monthly strike rate” over 5 years. There isn’t much context for this however I believe that what they are trying to say is that over 5 years, 70% of months have ended up in profit.

How does Fake Mug Bets work?

Supposedly all selections that are issued by Fake Mug Bets Club go through a rigorous 3 stage selection process. This starts with Kieran Ward looking at deep running statistics and trends, some of which are supposedly straight forward, some of which Peter Ling says that he is not allowed to know. The next step is to identifying value odds which are finally compared to the odds that are currently available on the market. None of this is too new however what happens next with Fake Mug Bets Club is somewhat interesting.

At this point I am forced back to the core premise of Fake Mug Bets Club which is the eponymous “mug bets”. Despite the best efforts of Agora Lifestyles to market them as such, the truth is that what Kieran Ward is selecting is very similar to a Yankee bet. You are essentially backing a number of small accumulators with the intention of scoring a large win. This is how the sales material for Fake Mug Bets Club is able to brag of bets making profits well into the thousands of pounds.

What is the initial investment?

Pete Ling and Agora Lifestyles only offer one option if you want to sign up to Fake Mug Bets Club. This is to subscribe to the service on a monthly basis which costs £44.40. To be fair to them, this does include VAT which makes the cost of the service relatively low in the grand scheme of things. It is said that there is a 30 day risk free trial in place for Fake Mug Bets Club however this only seems to be in place if you purchase the service over the phone through Agora Lifestyles.

What is the rate of return

There are a number of prevalent numbers which are thrown about when it comes to Fake Mug Bets Club and the income potential. There is one that arguably stands out more than the rest however and this is about having £4,586 pay days. There are other numbers quoted ranging from £988 all the way up to £3,173 bets however I feel that it is important to note that there is no breakdown of any points profit or a long term profit and loss sheet.

Conclusion on Fake Mug Bets Club

If you take a long enough approach with Fake Mug Bets Club I can entirely believe that you will end up in profit. The Secret Betting Club who are working in conjunction with Agora Lifestyles are a very competent publication and are one of the few (other than this one) that I believe when they say that things work. This doesn’t mean that Fake Mug Bets Club isn’t fraught with problems however.

I have mentioned that Fake Mug Bets Club is similar to betting on Yankee bets in so much as you placing lots of small accumulators on the same set of horses. The more that win, the better you do. This kind of betting isn’t unknown to bookies and short of moving your different bets around different bookies, I don’t see how you will realistically be mistaken for a “mug punter”. This kind of marketing is actually a little disappointing as I do believe that there is a genuine service here.

Whether or not it is worth £44.40 per month is a different question. There are undoubtedly more expensive services however there are also cheaper ones. As I have mentioned as well, I do think that you have to have a very long term approach to make Fake Mug Bets Club profitable. The suggestion is that your big wins are what really bulk up your winnings, however they simply won’t happen all that often. If you can bet like this, then Fake Mug Bets Club is possibly worth a look. I would even say it isn’t bad value at all, but it definitely isn’t for everyone.

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