Fantastic Eights Review Betfan

Fantastic Eights is a horse racing tipster service offered by a tipster referred to only as Frankie that is provided under the Betfan umbrella of tipsters.

What does the product offer?

Fantastic Eights is a new horse racing tipster service from Betfan that offers subscribers daily selections for races across the UK. The focus for Fantastic Eights is firmly rooted in that old staple, value. Unlike some tipster services selections, Frankie does not send out Fantastic Eights selections early in the day saying that he prefers to know the running and none runners etc. before issuing selections and that this is a vital part of the selection process. As a service Fantastic Eights has achieved an average strike rate of just 19.21% since it launched in March and is yet to see a losing month. You can typically expect to receive anywhere between one and six selections per day from Frankie with Fantastic Eights following a level staking program of 5 points per bet.

How does Fantastic Eights work?

The selection process for Fantastic Eights is not explored in any real detail by Frankie or Betfan however there are some clues given. As mentioned, the selections for Fantastic Eights come later in the day and this allows Frankie to stretch his strategy to races with 8 runners. Typically however it is based around identifying certain races whereby there is a slight edge that brings the win percentage above 20%, a figure that Frankie says will produce the required edge.

What is the initial investment?

Fantastic Eights is being offered on a monthly and a quarterly subscription basis via Betfan. These cost £38 and £76 per period respectively and unfortunately do not really come with any money back guarantee. Betfan offer their usual “guarantee” saying that whilst they will review any refund requests these are not typically given.

What is the rate of return?

In just a few months Fantastic Eight has done well to establish a profit of 573.48 points with over 66% of this coming in May alone. It is however worth remembering that these results are based on 5 point stakes and if adjusted, Fantastic Eights has made a still respectable, but not quite as impressive 114.6 points of profit.

Conclusion on Fantastic Eights

It seems unreasonable to dismiss Fantastic Eights entirely. The results show some degree of promise and compared to some of the Betfan prices that I have looked at recently, Fantastic Eights is pretty fairly priced. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t some justified concerns in my book. First and foremost is the strike rate which to me suggests that Fantastic Eights probably hangs in a pretty close balance as it is obvious looking at proofing that most of the profits come from one or two big wins rather than consistent growth. There is also the point that most of the profits have come from one month. This could well be suggestive of a “lucky guess” or even more concerning, that Fantastic Eights is not a consistent product. I am of the opinion that Fantastic Eights belongs on your watch list at present however I would wait to see whether or not it can retain any of its profitability.



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