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Fast Social Marketing Results Review

Fast Social Marketing Results is a product aimed at assisting businesses in boosting their profile and activity in social media. Fast Social Marketing Results state that you increase traffic to your website and grow your business through this in 15-30 minutes a day.

On offer is a complete package compiled by Lynn Terry who claims to have been working online for 16 years. She is currently a professional blogger and affiliate and is offering up the package as the sum of her knowledge. Included in the package is a PDF guide with step-by-step instructions and various live examples as well as a 2.5 hour video. For the money you also gain access to a community support group on Facebook which offers assistance, advice and further resources.

Lynn also offers bonus live training sessions as part of her service. These are six sessions that go into further detail about the specifics of a variety of social marketing topics including examples on implementing her strategies to your social media profile. If you miss the live sessions they can be replayed at your own convenience and details of the replays are emailed directly to customers.

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The package retails for $97.00 dollars but at present there is a $20.00 discount bringing the total price down to $77.00. Considering the package offers personal support this could be seen as reasonable value so long as the product produces the results that it claims. There are several customer reviews on the website that have been taken from various social media sites for the program that would seem to corroborate this. What is of some concern is the fact that at least one of the customer comments features a stock photo as the profile image with the watermark still visible. This leads one to question the authenticity of the testimonials.

Since there is no real quantitative outcome on offer it is difficult to gauge how successful the program will be for you. If Lynn Terry is everything that she claims then this seems like it could be a reasonable package that gives you the chance to get one-to-one advice from a self-styled social media mogul. That having been said with very little actual evidence as to how well this works other than a few customer testimonials (that seem rather doubtful) this could also be a large investment with little new information in return.

Fast Social Marketing Results is run out of Tennessee from:

PO BOX 7245
TN 37111



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