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Max’s Fast Track to Forex Success Review Max Munroe

Fast Track to Forex Success, offered by Agora Lifestyles, with the gentleman named in the advertising being Max Munroe. This is a course, supposedly to teach you how to make money using the Forex Platform. Does it work?

What does the product offer?

According to Agora Lifestyles, you will be taught methods that will mean you should bank more than £200 in your first 30 days. Not life changing amounts, but that is supposed to cover the cost of the full course which is £177, but is offered on a periodic basis to subscribers, as there are 25 lessons in the course initially.

How does the product work?

The aim of the product is to teach students how to make money on Forex, using a course which is paid for on a periodic basis. Agora then claim to send you details that will give you the advantage when you trade. The teachings are spread out over time to give students to chance to take in the information and form their knowledge base for trading.

What is the initial investment?

The cost of the whole course comes in at £177 for the entirety of the course, which is spread out.

What is the rate of return?

The advertising claims that you will be making between £400 and £1000 per month. Forex is not an easy platform to profit from by any stretch of the imagination, and those that do study for a long time to gain their advantage. If you have not traded before on Forex, then it will take longer to grasp any unique advantages that are taught to you, as the basics will have to be absorbed first, as with any new teaching.


There is not much new in Forex, and this is not a new course as listings found indicate it has been around for a while, and there is a money back guarantee for portions of the course you do not take.

This is a course that is gradually fed to you to keep subscriptions moving, when in reality such courses could be offered in full at the time of sale. Many marketing companies offer such monthly ‘modules’ as the money monthly cost seems far less than paying for the full course in one go, but in reality the cost is the same if you stick to the course. Usually, such courses will explain what is coming in the next module, as an enticement to keep subscribers paying. We have not tried the course to see what the success rate is.


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From: Simon Roberts