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FB Infiltrator Review Facebook

FB Infiltrator is a plug in for WordPress created by Precious Ngwu that creates webpages that you can put out on Facebook to capture information.

What does the product offer?

FB Infiltrator is designed to create squeeze pages specifically designed to be posted to Facebook. These can be opt in forms or landing pages but at the core they are primarily designed to serve as capture points for information. Precious Ngwu says that this can in turn help users to build their existing marketing lists.

How does the product work?

FB Infiltrator (as mentioned above) uses specially designed pages that are designed to look to the average user like a Facebook adverts. This lures people in as they are working with a familiar platform and should in theory provide a higher capture rate in terms of details which in turn improves your lists. Once you have an established list you can begin an online marketing campaign with a view to generating sales and revenue.

What is the initial investment?

FB Infiltrator is available for a one off fee of $47. The product also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee provided by Precious Ngwu.

What is the rate of return?

The rate of return is a difficult thing to assess because of the nature of FB Infiltrator. As it is not a direct income product you are forced to look at the commercial viability of the product. In this case I am inclined to say that you will struggle to make any substantial earnings off FB Infiltrator unless you have a particularly impressive product for sale.


There is potentially some merit to FB Infiltrator but I believe that the biggest problem that users may face lies in the people behind the data. The problem is that you are not building a quality list full of potential purchasers more a random assortment of people who clicked your ads. Whilst some people may view a list as a list and work on the theory that with enough people you will generate sales, I believe that with the kind of numbers you will likely get it seems unlikely that you will see conversions. Personally I believe that there are more targeted marketing techniques that whilst perhaps more costly will produce much better results over time.



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From: Simon Roberts