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Fiesta Football is a sports betting tipster service which is offered through the Tipstrr platform. As the name suggests, the service predominantly concerns itself with football betting.

What does the product offer?

I cannot claim to be overly familiar with the Tipstrr platform however having been recently quite impressed with one of their horse acing service, I decide to see what else they have to offer. After horse racing, the most frequently betted on sport here in the UK is football so it seemed fitting that my second look at the stable is their most profitable football based tipster service. More specifically, it is sold as having a history that is “starting to become one to envy” a bold claim indeed. There are however questions in my mind about whether or not the result really back this claim up.

With this introduction in mind, I want to take a look at what makes Fiesta Football an interesting proposition, even when put next to its peers. I want to start by addressing the logistics of using Tipstrr for tips. Selections are sent out directly via email to subscribers as well as being uploaded to a member’s area of the website. Naturally any football based service will have some gaps in terms of availability or tips and Fiesta Football is no different.

Whilst you will receive tips most days, there are also gaps.

The bets themselves however are a rather interesting if somewhat eclectic mix. The focus is very clearly on European football however it is worth pointing out some of these bets are on somewhat obscure leagues.

The markets that you are advised to bet on by Fiesta Football are also massively varied. There are a lot of smaller accumulators to bet on as well as straight bets. There are even the occasional tips advised for things like Asian handicaps and both teams to score according to Tipstrr (although I have yet to see any of these).

The numbers is an area where Fiesta Football becomes rather interesting. The staking plan that is in place is a level affair however it is very important to keep in mind that all bets are advised at up to 10 points (and are generally towards the high end of this). Whilst you would obviously scale back your per point bet based on your bank, this is still theoretically expensive.

Especially when you factor in that Fiesta Football can also be a pretty high volume service with some days having as many as 5 bets (which in one case earlier this year also had 5 losers).

This is definitely something to keep in mind however when you start to look at the wider averages, the strike rate for Fiesta Football is an incredibly high strike rate of 58%. For a backing based service (even one with average odds of 2.19) this is a very high strike rate. I would even go as far as to say that it highlights just how successful Fiesta Football has the potential to be.

How does Fiesta Football work?

Unfortunately there is no real description about how the selections for Fiesta Football are ultimately made. All that is really said is that all football picks are carefully selected. For my money, there isn’t a whole lot of rhyme and reason to some of the bets that Fiesta Football issue. With that having been said, the service has supposedly been proofed through Tipstrr for a fair amount of time (they talk about results going back to 2017).

Rather unfortunately, all that is made available to us however are results for 2018. These are reasonable but do not in my opinion compensate for the lack of detail about how selections are made.

What is the initial investment?

There are a large number of options if you want to subscribe to Fiesta Football. The first of these is a monthly subscription which is priced at £19 per month. The next is a quarterly option that is priced at £45 every 3 months. The next option is a 6 month subscription which costs £89 and finally there is an annual subscription. This is the most expensive subscription at a cost of £159 however this also represents the best value.

It is worth pointing out that Tipstrr do not offer any money back guarantee on their services and this does include Fiesta Football.

What is the rate of return?

The results for Fiesta Football claim a profit of €1,183 over 6 months. Given that the proofing doesn’t go back that far, I will take this number with a pinch of salt. There is a claimed ROI of 10.9% by Tipstrr and actually, having looked over the proofing this figure seems to be roughly in line with the results.

Keeping with the proofing shows a points profit of 169.28 since the end of January and this is the figure that I will be considering. It is arguably a more impressive sounding number which works in favour of Fiesta Football, however I feel that it is important to keep in mind the staking plan when considering this.

Conclusion on Fiesta Football?

In almost all respects I genuinely believe that Fiesta Football is a very reasonable football betting service. The strike rate is absolutely phenomenal for a service that has been proofed as long as this. It is even a number that I would respect over a much shorter period.

Even without singling out aspects of Fiesta Football for praise (and I could think of a few other things I could talk about), there isn’t a lot that is wrong. In many ways I feel like this is one f the biggest positives of the service.

Unfortunately there are two slightly larger problems that I can see with Fiesta Football. The first that I want to discuss is the staking plan. This is because in part I accept that this is a more subjective topic. For my money, betting the amounts that are involved with Fiesta Football is not an ideal. We are at the end of the day talking about potentially as much as 50 points being staked in a single day.

Whilst the strike rate is incredibly strong, a few bad days in line with this and your betting bank will take a long time to recover.

If there is a saving grace to Fiesta Football it is the fact that the subscription costs are not actually that expensive. Leading on this and keeping your stakes reasonable, I can see how there is an appeal here. The ROI is actually pretty strong and if the profits delivered so far can be kept up for another 6 months you would take home a pretty healthy 380 points.

The key factor when looking at Fiesta Football is the staking plan. If you are comfortable with the numbers then I don’t think it will be a bad option but you really have to be willing to commit on that front.


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