Fine Form Master Review

Fine Form Master is a digital version of Clive Holt’s Fine Form, a very well know and established betting system. This version is offered by Steve Davidson.

What does the product offer?

Fine Form Master is a downloadable piece of software that applies Clive Holt’s Fine Form to the day’s races and then searches Betfair to find the best possible prices for that horse. Bets can be made for place bets, win or both. Unfortunately Fine Form Master will only work on a Windows based PC and that the license is only good for a 12 month period.

How does the product work?

Clive Holt’s Fine Form involves looking at the immediate previous form of a horse as well as the distance that it won by. There is a little more to it than this but since the system can be found online for free I shan’t go into detail. Fine Form Master works by automating that process and only selecting the best horses with the highest point ratings.

What is the initial investment?

Fine Form Master sells for a one off fee of £39.97 which as I have previously stated buys you a 12 month license. As with all products that Steve Davidson sells, there is no money back guarantee on Fine Form Master.

What is the rate of return?

According to Steve Davidson, Fine Form Master produced a win profit of £69.60 over a nine day period and £97.49 profit on place bets. These were using £10 stakes with overall stakes for a day going as high as £170.


The system that Fine Form Master is based upon isn’t a bad place to start with your own betting system. Whilst some would call Clive Holt’s Fine Form a little dated these days there is still a solid foundation. As to whether or not this is worth paying for to have in software form is debatable. Personally I’d want to apply more filters to this basic format before making selections and Fine Form Master doesn’t allow you to do that. That having been said if you are looking for an easily accessible system or even just want to save time looking at all the information required in the paper version of Clive Holt’s Fine Form, Fine Form Master represents a pretty good buy.


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From: Simon Roberts