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Fiona Clark’s Betting Club – The Knack Review

The Knack is a horse racing tipster service that is currently being offered by tipster Fiona Clark in conjunction with the Bet Kudos arm of Betfan.

What does the Fiona Clark’s Betting Club offer?

The Knack is a new tipster service from the Betfan group that offers Fiona Clark’s (almost) daily selections to subscribers. Fiona Clark and her “The Knack” system are graduates of Betfan’s Tipster Planet service where it has enjoyed considerable success with a number of high priced winners identified. The Knack involves betting on a number of different bet types with Fiona Clark stating that whilst the majority will be win and each way bets, there are the occasional doubles and trixies if she is confident in her selections. Bets are typically sent out via email the night before the race when possible. Talking numbers, The Knack follows the seemingly standard Betfan staking plan of one to five points per bet with up to 10 bets in a single day. Despite this, Fiona Clark has managed to steer The Knack to a better than average strike rate of 30.53%.

How does Fiona Clark’s Betting Club work?

Unfortunately, Bet Kudos do not provide too much information on Fiona Clark’s selection process for The Knack although she does give away two bits of information that help provide insight. The first of these is the decade that she claims to have worked in a bookies before deciding she’d rather be a punter than earn a wage. The second thing refers to time spent studying the daily racing. This to me suggests a statistical and form based approach however this is only speculation on my behalf.

What is the initial investment?

There are two options available when you sign up for The Knack. The first of these is a one month subscription which will cost you £49 per month or a quarterly option which will cost you £98. Both come with usual Betfan refund policy which states that whilst refunds are not typically offered, they will review requests.

What is the rate of return?

Since Fiona Clark started proofing The Knack the service has earned a total points profit of 365.4 points in just 5 months however this is to the staking plan. If you were betting level stakes you would have made 90.96 points which is significantly less impressive.

Conclusion on Fiona Clark’s Betting Club

As Tipster Planet starts to do its job Betfan are starting to put out some pretty decent tipster services however despite Bet Kudos crowing about The Knack, I am not entirely convinced that it is one of the better examples that I have seen. This is mostly down to the price. In my opinion The Knack is just far too expensive for what is on offer. In order to make a decent profit off this it is clear that you have to bet a fair amount and with up to 10 bets per day, this can mean exposing a lot of your bank. Personally, I’d skip over The Knack as there are definitely cheaper and better services available.



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