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First Favourite Review

First Favourite is a horse racing tipster service offered by the aptly named Mel Gee that claims to be able to offer a consistently profitable service.

What does the product offer?

First Favourite is a horse racing tipster service that offers its users near daily selections for horse racing across the UK via email. First Favourite is a service that utilises its high strike rate to ensure a consistent performance throughout the year. All bets that Mel Gee recommends are win bets with a simple enough to follow staking plan in place. I mentioned the strike rate and to be fair to First Favourite, it is a very impressive 52% on average over a number of years which is made slightly more impressive when you look at the average odds of 2.30.

How does First Favourite work?

According to Mel Gee he has had an interest in horse racing going all the way back to 1970. In this period of time he has allegedly built up an expansive knowledge of the sport that he claims allows him to pick winners through knowing exactly who is who simply by looking at a race. The selection process for First Favourite does seem to draw on this knowledge and looks at a number of factors from the going to which trainers have been involved and the jockeys riding them to current form. All of this information is brought together and analysed via his “formula” of Known Facts + Known Form = Unknown Profits. This is ultimately the core of First Favourites selection process.

What is the initial investment?

There is only one subscription package available for First Favourite which is a monthly subscription at a cost of £47 per month. Payment is processed through Clickbank which means that their usual 60 day money back guarantee is in place which is a rarity for a tipster service.

What is the rate of return?

Rather disappointingly, at the time of writing First Favourite has achieved a profit of just under 7 points since the start of 2015. This would mean rather substantial stakes to make it worthwhile. Even if you look at a rolling 12 months, the profits are still only 19.35 points.

Conclusion on First Favourite by Mel Gee

I have seen much worse tipster services than First Favourite however the truth is that I have also seen much better. The key problem lies in the fact that whilst the profit is consistent and undeniably there, there are services for a similar price that can offer much more which massively impacts the value. Based off the last 12 months you would have had to have staked around £30 per bet just to pay you subscription fees whilst £50 per bet would have made you just £387 profit which over the course of a year is pretty paltry. With that in mind I would have to think pretty seriously about whether or not I’d really consider First Favourite over some of the more profitable examples out there, even if they are higher risk.



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From: Simon Roberts