Five Pound Winners Review

Five Pound Winners is a new tipster service operated by the Tipster TV arm of the Betfan Group in conjunction with a tipster known only as Geoff.

What does the product offer?

I have looked at Betfan a lot in my time writing and recently they seem to breaking from their usual mould and  this is producing some very interesting and (in my opinion) beneficial results, especially for punters. Five Pound Winners represents a brilliant example of this with Tipster TV and Geoff both appearing to want to try and evolve the tipster game and do something that is relatively fresh and new.

Full disclaimer, I have seen things like Five Pound Winners before and the set up is far from revolutionary however I won’t knock a good thing for being unoriginal. The good thing in terms of Five Pound Winners is actually the set up.

Where Betfan have historically operated on a very tight subscription basis (hitting some nigh extortionate monthly costs in the process), Five Pound Winners breaks this mould by having you only pay when a bet wins.

I should once again point out that this isn’t something new within Betfan however their previous efforts have involved purchasing a certain amount of profit whereas Five Pound Winners is bet by bet.

So what can you expect from Geoff and his Five Pound Winners? As you can probably imagine it is a very low volume tipster service with just one selection available which is offered daily.

These are for somewhat varied odds but given the fact that the tipster will only get paid if the horse wins, don’t expect any 15/1 outsiders being selected. Instead I would say that the average is between 2.0 and 3.0 which is an OK number that allows for profit whist minimising risk.

The staking plan that Geoff Recommends is unfortunately Betfan through and through and involves staking 5 points on each race.

Given the fact that Five Pound Winners looks at shorter odds, you can sometimes only double your money when a win happen which means that there has to be a lot of them in order to make Five Pound Winners profitable.

This is something that I feel that Five Pound Winners delivers , although I am not convinced that it is to enough of a degree that the staking plan is justified.

All of this brings me to the strike rate which is where something like Five Pound Winners makes or breaks itself.  During proofing the average strike rate works out at around 49% which means that realistically, you can expect to win every other bet.

This means that there is generally speaking a very tight margin for profit and if you look at the results for Five Pound Winners, this pattern is quite easily detectable (as I will look at below).

How does the product work?

As is unfortunately rather typical for products from the Betfan Group, there is very little in the way of information on what the selection process actually entails. Of course there is talk about how Geoff is a professional punter and has been for many years.

There is also mention of his style of betting and knack for finding winners however these mentions are merely descriptive of the fact that the skill is there rather than offering explanation. Based off the strategy and approach that Five Pound Winners has however, I don’t think that there is anything revolutionary at work.

What is the initial investment?

As I have already touched upon, Five Pound Winners is pay as you win and there is a flat rate in place for this which (as the title suggests is £5). This means that over the course of a month you can pay out rather a lot (for example August would have cost you £50) however you are paying when the horse wins which means that you have already made your profit.

Signing up for Five Pound Winners is actually a free thing with notifications sent out  notifying uses that there is a selection available. If you want to receive the tip, then you can reply to this effect or alternatively, you can leave it for that day.

What is the rate of return?

In its first 3 months, Five Pound Winners performed very admirably with the service making 255 points and averaging around 70-100 points per month. November has however been disappointing with zz only being able to find around 13 points of profit so far this month (and I am writing this at the end).


Things like Five Pound Winners are a very mixed bag and no month demonstrates it better than this one. At the time of writing, your subscription costs would have set you back just £30.

This isn’t a lot of money when you consider that you are only paying when you win. If you were using £10 stakes however, you would only be up by £100 for the month (13.2 points) when you factor in this cost. This would however also involve a losing streak that means dropping £300 over a week which is a lot of money.

This is where the weakness of things like Five Pound Winners become apparent as you are losing big during these losing streaks, but there is no glorious 20/1 rainbow at the end to console you, rather you might make £30 of it back if you’re lucky.

That isn’t to disparage Five Pound Winners however as I feel that there are a lot of aspects to this kind of configuration that are beneficial and one of the big ones here is that you can wait.

The fact is that Geoff may never recover his form. Eking out 10 points a month might simply be “it” for this service, but unlike most, you don’t pay to be on a mailing list for this. Instead, you can simply keep being notified when Five Pound Winners has a selection and once it starts to build up steam again, get back on the betting bandwagon.

I know that it doesn’t always work out this way, but in my experience a successful tipster is one that is on form and whilst Geoff isn’t this right now, he has been before and I think can likely get there again.

If he does, then Five Pound Winners is seriously worth your consideration.



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