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Five Star Flutters is a horse racing tipster service which is operated through Wider Horizens. It is a service that has produced some interesting results and carries a lot of profit potential.

Introduction to Five Star Flutters

Whilst I know how I like to bet, I am a strong proponent of the fact that, in many ways, there isn’t a right or wrong way. I can genuinely say that some of the most profitable tipster services I have ever seen are ones that I really wouldn’t touch with a barge pole. With that said, they are some of the most profitable tipster services I’ve ever seen, so… what do I know? Here’s the thing though. For me, I like consistent profit and the building of a betting bank rather than sinking money into something waiting for a big win.

Today’s review subject is very much a part of the latter category. You may think that this puts it on the back foot, but the fact of the matter is I always try to be objective with these things. And objectively, I can really see how Five Star Flutters is a good looking product. There is definitely profit potential here, and whilst I do have reservations about the approach, I do appreciate that Wider Horizens aren’t operating something here that is properly all or nothing. Whilst there are potentially some massive winners, there are smaller wins too.

Of course, there is rarely smooth without the rough, and this is where you have to really take a step back from Five Star Flutters. It is all well and good getting excited about multiples that, had you taken early prices, would work out at some 824/1. But let’s not kid ourselves. Those aren’t everyday occurrences. So with that in mind, let’s jump into this and see whether or not Wider Horizens have something here that you can actually live with.

What Does Five Star Flutters Offer?

Before I start getting into any of the details and minutia that surround Five Star Flutters, I want to make something quite clear. This isn’t necessarily the most straight forward of tipster services. There are elements that seem counterintuitive and you may reasonably question the approach. With that said, I also think that Wider Horizens do a good job of explaining how to make it work and that does mean that it isn’t inaccessible either.

So, let’s talk about the stuff that is all simple, because there are elements of that. Mostly, this boils down to how it is all managed. An area where I think Wider Horizens really smash it out of the park. As you would expect, when selections are available, you can expect to receive a notification via email. However, there is more to it than this as there is an option to sign into a members area, something that seems to generally be encouraged.

One of the things that I really do like about Five Star Flutters is that that selections are issued nice and early. Typically speaking, you can expect to receive selections the evening before racing, but even when this doesn’t happen, it shouldn’t be later than around 10am. This still gives you a reasonable opportunity to take advantage of earlier odds. Something that is definitely recommended here as they do tend to shorten (which isn’t a bad thing in and of itself).

For some context on what that can mean for you, I want to highlight and example bet (albeit an extreme one) that Wider Horizens use in the sales material for Five Star Flutters. They had a bet land in which 5 horses came in. At early prices, this resulted in those huge odds described earlier. 824/1. By the time starting prices were applied, this had dropped to just 207/1. That is a massive difference.

Now, let’s talk about the bets. Because this is where I feel like Five Star Flutters can get a bit confusing. Each day when there are selections, you will typically receive tips for as many as 5 races. And you will generally see one or two horses per race. It is then recommended that you bring all of these together into doubles, trebles, four folds, and five fold accas.

Given that you are betting on multiple horses per race (on either a win or each way basis), this can be a lot of work, however, Wider Horizens do provide a brief tutorial on how to bet on this online. It is a simple enough process that simply involves adding all of the horses to a betting slip and letting the bookies work out the multiples. Most bookies offer this, and as long as you are sticking to them, Five Star Flutters is relatively manageable.

What you should keep in mind though is that this does mean a lot of bets being placed. Even with just 3 races being looked at, you’re looking at 21 doubles and 18 trebles. That inevitably adds up and can really hit a betting bank on the days where there are no winners. Something that does happen.

As such, I would probably look to keep my stakes pretty low for Five Star Flutters. Wider Horizens make mention of starting at just 10p per bet, and honestly, I don’t think that is the worst place to begin. Especially because there is no formal staking plan in place that I’ve seen. Nor have I seen any advice on what kind of betting bank is needed. What I categorically will say though is that I would probably look to have 1,000 points to play with if I were following this.

 In terms of the strike rate, this will all depend on whether you are betting to win or betting to place. But either way, I don’t think that I’d necessarily expect to be winning all that often. Whilst you may find that individual horses are winning, that doesn’t necessarily count for much unless you’re getting those doubles winning.  

How Does Five Star Flutters Work?

In terms of how Five Star Flutters works… Well, I’ll be honest. Wider Horizens don’t necessarily provide a huge amount of information. They do however offer some insight into the service that I think you can get a reasonable idea of what you’re getting into. Now, I will come to this, but I want to start by addressing the claim that there is a team of 3 individuals with a combined 100 years of experience in racing. I have little reason to doubt this.

Now, the inevitable next point is that Five Star Flutters draws on this experience, but I find that to be a bit passe and lacking. What does interest me however is the fact that we are told that the service has been set up to offer some competition for Scoop6 betting. This is a pool bet that offers you opportunities to get massive wins. It’s just very unlikely as you have to pick 6 winners in 6 different races. And at £2 per time, it can quickly add up in cost.

Five Star Flutters uses a similar approach of (what I call) jackpot betting. This means that the focus here is on simply having those days where all the bets win. This is all well and good, and it does mean that you can at least come into this with managed expectations, but I still would have liked to have seen more insight from Wider Horizens. As it stands, you’re just blindly following bets a bit.

There is arguably some mitigation to be had in the fact that there is proofing provided. Unfortunately, this isn’t in the most accessible manner. It does however mean that at the very least, you can get an idea of the ebb and flow of things. This means that you can figure out if something like this is going to be workable for you.  

What is the Initial Investment?

One of the most appealing elements of Five Star Flutters in my book is the fact that the service simply isn’t that expensive. I want to start by saying that technically speaking, Wider Horizens do offer a “free account”, however, this offers some very limited free tips every now and then. As such, I won’t be really considering this an option.

This means that in my eyes, the first option is a monthly subscription which is priced at just £12 per month. However, at the time of writing this, you can actually get your first month at half price meaning you pay just £6 to get started.

Alternatively, you can sign up to Five Star Flutters on an annual basis. This represents significantly better value with a 33% saving on the monthly cost. It does however have a much higher outlay with a one time payment of £89 for this.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any sort of money back guarantee on either option. With that said, I do believe that the fact you can try this for a month as cheaply as you can somewhat offsets it.

What is the Rate of Return?

The income potential of something like Five Star Flutters is a very interesting thing. Because by and large, you aren’t really going to win very often. This is very much a case of if you win rather than when you win. And make no mistake, if you win, those wins carry a huge amount of potential.

In the interim, the best that you can hope for here are smaller wins that keep your betting bank at least somewhat mitigate the inevitable losses. Because generally speaking, even when those bets do land, you’re looking at just a few points profit. Which, offset against stakes of some 30 plus bets per day, is just a drop in the ocean.

Conclusion for Five Star Flutters

Being entirely objective, I can think of little reason why you would want to recommend Five Star Flutters. The fact of the matter is that the enormous stakes are, generally speaking, not enough to outweigh the win potential. I mean, a bet landing at 824/1 is impressive, but it doesn’t necessarily offset the potential losses that you make in the meantime. And yet…

There is something undeniably appealing about this. What Wider Horizens are doing here isn’t really anything new. Not by a long shot. The approach of those jackpot winners is something that I have seen over and over again, always with inconsistent results. So, what is the appeal that we’re talking about here exactly?

Well, in my eyes, it all comes down to pricing. If you are a serious bettor doing serious things, then the lack of consistency is probably enough to put you off good and proper. But what about if you just like a bet for the fun of it? Then Five Star Flutters starts to look like a different proposition. £12 per month is not a lot of money. If you’re betting with limited amounts, you aren’t risking too much in terms of real world cash.

Because as much as we talk in points and ROI when we’re looking at betting as an investment, the fact is that there are plenty of people who will simply be happy to bet £10 or £20 per day with little regard for how that is split. Typically speaking, a more casual punter. And with that on the table, I think you can probably see where I’m going here.  

It sounds counter intuitive to me, but there are some people who are content to bet to lose, or at least, don’t mind if they do. It’s all about the entertainment value. For those people, something like Five Star Flutters might be worth a shout. Make no mistake that you aren’t necessarily going to make a huge amount of profit here, but there will be some. More importantly, it should come in hulking great spades. Something that adds to that “thrill”.

Now I’ve seen various services that aren’t dissimilar, but what makes Five Star Flutters worth considering over others are those costs. £12 per month is not a lot to pay at all. Especially because it means that you can potentially still stake relatively small amounts on bets and see enough to cover your subs.

So, let’s cut to the chase here. Would I recommend Five Star Flutters? Realistically, I don’t think that I would really (possibly save for those aforementioned people). It isn’t that it is a bad product in many respects. I think that it’s probably fair to say that fundamentally, it is everything it claims to be.

But for most people, I just don’t think that what it is, is something that they will really get much out of. Especially not in terms of that bottom line of some sort of consistent income. An element of betting that is arguably the single most important thing you can aim to provide.


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