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Flat Attack is a horse racing tipster service from the Tipster Street stable of tipsters. As the name suggests, it focuses on flat races.

What does the product offer?

Flat Attack is very much straightforward as far as tipster services go. Tipster Street don’t attempt to do anything overly new or fancy, however in taking this approach, they may well have found themselves a winner. Flat Attack has been operational since November where Tipster Street have provided near daily tips to subscribers, all or flat and all weather races in the UK. The volume of selections is hugely varied with some days producing just one tip.

Just as frequently however you may have to back up to ten. These have massively varied odds with some winners coming in at less than 2.0 whilst others have been much bigger at 13.32. It is worth pointing out that the odds that Flat Attack calculates are based off Betfair SP which means that with a BOG bookmaker these may change.

The staking plan for Flat Attack is pretty straight forward with all bets being advised as just one or two points (with recommended stakes of £25 per point). The strike rate stands at a rather respectable 32% however this doesn’t paint a full picture.

How does the product work?

Unfortunately, there isn’t really any information supplied by Tipster Street on what the selection process for Flat Attack actually entails. It seems like a very safe bet that there is a value based approach when looking at the results. There is also likely to be a statistical based approach as well, however this is only speculation on my behalf.

What is the initial investment?

There are two different subscriptions available for Flat Attack. The first of these is monthly at a cost of £19.95 or alternatively, you can pay £39.95 per quarter. Both of these options come with a one month trial which is available at a massively reduced rate (£4.99). Unfortunately, payment is handled directly via Paypal and so there is no money back guarantee on offer.

What is the rate of return?

Flat Attack appears to have been operational since November 2015 (based off the results. The main sales page shows an apparent typo of 2013) and by the end of May, the profits stood at just 54.33 points. This doesn’t sound too bad however it averages out at less than 8 points per month.


I don’t really think that Flat Attack does anything wrong as a service in many respects. The biggest problem lies in the fact that frankly; it just doesn’t make enough money. Even at the recommended £25 stakes, you could be betting up to £400 per day for a return of just under £200 per month.

To me this just doesn’t make for a great investment. This means that whilst Flat Attack does have a lot of positives going for it, I simply can’t see how it is worth the input financially.


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From: Simon Roberts