Flat Masters Review

Flat Masters is a horse racing tipster service provided by Eric Lipsett, Jack Turnbull and Darren Goddard that offers users the best flat horse racing tips.

What does the product offer?

Flat Masters is a specialist tipster service for the duration of the flat season. Selections are offered near daily selections via email to subscribers (I use the term near daily as Eric Lipsett and The Team say that there will be days when there aren’t any) and are typically sent out before 11am. All bets that Flat Masters will offer are win bets and the system is based on a simple 1 point level staking system with prices advised as BSP.

Unfortunately there isn’t any real proofing available for Flat Masters per se however they do detail 15 winners out of an alleged 58 bets for April which represents a strike rate of 34.6%. It is worth iterating at this point that Flat Masters will only run until November 7th this year.

How does the product work?

According to Eric Lipsett, he met with co-creators Darren Goddard and Jack Turnbull at Royal Ascot where they shared their selections and all walked away winners. Since 2012 they have each been allegedly honing their strategies with a long term view.

Unfortunately, no information about that these strategies involve is discussed however there are some clues.

With average odds of 7.66 BSP and the lowest odds winner coming in at 3.59, my guess would be that Flat Masters is based around identifying value bets that have been overpriced which makes the claimed strike rate to date all the more impressive (this is however only speculative on my behalf).

What is the initial investment?

We are a month into the flat season and Eric Lipsett and his co-creators are currently offering Flat Masters for a one time cost of £49.95 for the rest of the season, allegedly with just 30 positions availble. This is sold through Clickbank and comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee.

Alternatively you can get a 30 day trial for just £9.95 and simply pay for the rest of the season after (again, this is handled by Clickbank).

?What is the rate of return?

So far for 2015 Flat Masters is at a claimed profit of 47.38 points. Since 2012 the service has allegedly made 804.76 points of profit which means an annual average of 268.25 points.


Flat Masters is a bit of a mixed bag and this depends entirely on your levels of cynicism. Since Eric Lipsett claims that they Flat Masters has been testing for 3 years I would expect to see some kind of proofing for this period.

That having been said, with the 30 day trial for a tenner and the money back guarantee that is in place there isn’t a whole lot of inherent risk involved. Results are due to be updated at the end of May so if you are currently sat on your laurels then it is probably worth taking the time to see how things go and from there, there should still be the option to sign up for the 30 day trial.


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From: Simon Roberts