FlickGraph Review

FlickGraph is a rather interesting product that according to the creator, Andrew Darius, will allow you to instantly create eye grabbing cinemagraphs.

What does the product offer?

Cinemagraphs are something of a modern phenomenon and despite never having heard the term, as soon as I saw an example, I knew what FlickGraph was all about. The internet is currently awash with seemingly still images in which a certain part remains animated, usually in a loop. To say that they are everywhere is perhaps a little bit of an exaggeration, but they may well be the next big thing in marketing.

This is something that Andrew Darius (who also created Explaindio) has picked up on and his latest bit of software is an innovative bit of kit that allows anybody to create them. Using traditional methods, creating cinemagraphs can be a rather daunting task. FlickGraph aims to make this a simple process that anybody can do and in this regard, I feel that it delivers in spades.

In terms of what you are getting, FlickGraph is a piece of downloadable software that allows you to simply insert your own video, select a still frame and then choose where you want animation or motion to loop. It is a very simple process and with FlickGraph available on both Windows PC’s as well as Macs, it is one of the more user friendly pieces of software that I have looked at for fair amount of time.

FlickGraph is able to output cinemagraphs in a number of different formats depending on the marketing platform that you choose to use. The focus is on HD videos (going all the way up to 1080p) which can in turn be presented in various aspect rations including 16:9, 9:16 and square cinemagraphs as well. There is also an option to output your creations in FlickGraph as GIFs so that they can be included on mobile websites.

Also include with FlickGraph are a number of training videos that teach you everything that you need in order to use the software. Interestingly for a product launch through JVZoo, Andrew Darius has opted to focus purely on the product which means that there are no bonuses offered.

How does the product work?

In terms of how the software works, this is a simple and relatively intuitive process and one that I don’t wish to linger on here. This is because the real power of FlickGraph is in how you utilise the product for your marketing purposes. Andrew Darius says in the sales material a number of time that top celebrities and businesses use cinemagraphs in order to grab people’s attention and that you can easily leverage this for your own marketing purposes.

In terms of how you would use the cinemagraphs, this is something that isn’t really explored and is the area that I feel FlickGraph lets itself down. Andrew Darius spends a lot of time talking about how so many people are using cinemagraphs to get noticed, however there is no exploration of how to use these as a marketing tool. The core premise seems to be that the fact that people will stop to look at your cinemagraphs is enough that you can divert their attention into a legitimate marketing tool.

What is the initial investment?

FlickGraph is not cheap with Andrew Darius asking for a one time payment of $87 for access to the software. This buys you a license to use FlickGraph on two home computers with additional licenses available if you wish to use your creations for clients and other businesses etc. It is worth pointing out that Andrew Darius claims that FlickGraph is currently priced at better than half price with the cost down from $197. He also goes on to say that in the future, the sofrware will only be available on a monthly subscription (the price for this is currently unknown).

It is worth noting that despite this high initial cost, FlickGraph does come with a 30 day money back guarantee. Because it is sold through JVZoo however, this does mean that you will have to deal with the vendor in order to claim it.

What is the rate of return?

There is no advertised rate of return for FlickGraph. There is in fact very little in terms of information on how FlickGraph can actually benefit you numerically. Instead we are treated to a number of seemingly famous internet marketers and told that they use FlickGraph in their marketing. As already touched upon, the only other thing that Andrew Darius really has to say on FlickGraph in this regard is that you can expect to have thousands of eyes on your content.


As a video creation tool, FlickGraph is a fantastic bit of kit and Andrew Darius has put together something that is genuinely impressive. There is no denying that the content that the software puts out is eye grabbing and I can see how somebody who is constantly on their social media account may benefit from people observing their posts.

All of that aside, I don’t see FlickGraph a marketing product really. There is very little from Andrew Darius on what you can use FlickGraph for. The only things that we are treated to in this regard are vague notions that don’t really do anything to help you get any perspective on the product. In fact, given the fact that there are 15 different internet marketers saying they use FlickGraph, but none talk about how they use it, I am less than impressed.

With that in mind, if you are the kind of marketer who is constantly one the search for something new and interesting to engage your audience, then FlickGraph will likely not disappoint. If however you are looking for something that will convert on a more direct basis, then I would be inclined to explore other options first.



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From: Simon Roberts