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Flippa Niche Research Tool Review

Flippa Niche Research Tool is a web application created by Warrior Faraaz and Wajahath Ali that reverse engineers how to Flippa sites are search engine optimised.

What does the product offer?

Warrior Faraaz and Wajahath Ali claim that their online web application, Flippa Niche Research Tool allows users access to the keywords of top ranking Google sites. From here they say that you can reverse engineer the SEO of these websites and use it to create your own top ranked niche website. This all comes in the format of afore mentioned web app as well as a niche and keyword research guide. There are also a number of bonuses available which are as follows, PR Power Shot Software from Walt Baylis, Commando YouTube Softwares from Tony Hayes, Keyword Mole from Sean Colman and finally, Cutting Edge Keyword Research from Alex Safie.

How does the product work?

Flippa Niche Research Tool uses its online application to allegedly searches for sites that are ranking in Google and looks for their top 5 keywords. It then claims to find their top 5 ranking keywords and their ranking positions on Google. Finally it shows you cpc and global monthly searches for said keyword. Once this information is generated Warrior Faraaz and Wajahath Ali claim say that you can get an unlimited supply of hidden niches and keywords that help users create a website for “Easy page #1 ranking”.
What is the initial investment?

Flippa Niche Research Tool is available for $12.99 which Warrior Faraaz and Wajahath Ali say is a special price as it usually retails for $67. There is no mention of any money back guarantee so it seems safe to assume that there isn’t one in place.

What is the rate of return?

There is no rate of return explicitly mentioned on the website. The creators seem to suggest that you can earn as much as $25 for an advertised click or even sell websites for up to $100,000 but this is only hinted at.


Flippa Niche Research Tool is something that may be helpful to some people, but almost certainly won’t actually help users create overnight success stories. What Warrior Faraaz and Wajahath Ali do is try to sell the idea that SEO is easy and there are cheats and shortcuts. This point is driven home in terms of the additional content you can gain access to if you try to leave the page. The fact of the matter is though, SEO is not an easy process and Flippa Niche Research Tool definitely appears to be selling a dream rather than a reality. The only real potential I can see in Flippa Niche Research Tool is in identifying potential niches but even there the scope seems to be somewhat limited.



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From: Simon Roberts