Flipping Paradise Review

Flipping Paradise is a guide written by Snowclone of the Warrior Forums. It teaches users how to create websites and sell them for quick profit.

What does the product offer?

Flipping Paradise is a 71 page PDF guide that is designed to educate users on how to go about creating a WordPress website and then ultimately selling it on for a profit. The course is broken down into 7 different modules which Snowclone suggests completing one module per day. These range from market research through to building your site and ultimately selling it. The final chapter of Flipping Paradise covers scaling so you can hypothetically make this enterprise as big as you wanted.

How does the product work?

Flipping Paradise draws heavily on the notion that there is an audience for websites through Flippa. The idea is that there are always people waiting to buy websites in certain niches and by catering to them when you create your WordPress website, you should be able to sell your website. Snowclone says in Flipping Paradise that even if your website isn’t currently profitable, you should still be able to sell it profitably through flippa.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing Flipping Paradise is available for free (with the exception of one little upsell) for a limited time only. Flipping Paradise was for sale prior to this at $7. There should also be costs incurred in setting up a website in the first place.

What is the rate of return?

Snowclone says that he has seen websites sell on Flippa for as much as $14,500 per time and that he personally makes an income exceeding $10,000 per month using the same methods he outlines in Flipping Paradise.


I don’t think Flipping Paradise is anything revolutionary but it is well written and contains a lot of good information. There is definitely some potential to turn this into a money making operation although I do feel that Snowclone makes this sound a lot easier than it actually is. All in all, Flipping Paradise is worth a look, especially as it is currently free to get although this is only a limited time offer. Even if you fail to snag Flipping Paradise for free it is worth keeping in mind that it usually sells for just $7 so there isn’t much to lose either way.



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