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Following Tipsters: A Blueprint for Success Review – Chris Sowerby

Following Tipsters: A Blueprint for Success is a new product which is being offered by Chris Sowerby of the Tipstars team. It claims to show you how to find the most profitable tipsters out there.

Introduction to Following Tipsters: A Blueprint for Success

I find it quite interesting that despite how many tipster services I have looked at, I have never really sat down and considered what exactly makes a good tipster. This is probably down to the fact that I believe that there is a lot of variance here and that there is no “right” answer. The fact of the matter is that everybody is looking for different things.

As such, it is hard to identify a “one shoe fits all” approach, and yet according to Chris Sowerby, that is exactly what he has done. Now, I will say that to his credit, he is probably pretty well positioned to talk about this subject having successfully ran the Tipstars website for some time with his co-founder Matt Houghton of Agora Lifestyles.

So, Following Tipsters: A Blueprint for Success. It is a rather unique product that I can honestly say isn’t really like anything that is currently on the market. That is generally a good thing. As to whether or not this necessarily delivers everything that it claims to do… Well, that is a bit of a trickier and slightly more subjective thing. With that in mind, let’s dive and have a look.  

What Does Following Tipsters: A Blueprint for Success Offer?

At its core, Following Tipsters: A Blueprint for Success is a book. But it is actually somewhat more than this, as this kind of product so often is. Chris Sowerby headlines his sales page by saying “Read this book BEFORE you subscribe to another tipster!”, and in theory, that is good advice. Kind of.

I know all too well from experience that there are a number of people out there who have subscribed to services that seem too good to be true, only to end up losing out in the long run because they have signed up for something that is likely to be a scam product. But why should you necessarily look at Chris Sowerby’s book?

Well, there are a number of answers to this that I want to get to a little later on. Ultimately though, it is because you are getting access to somebody who has been involved with the tipster industry for a considerable period of time. This includes being a part of Matt Houghton’s Betting Rant team where he acts as a reviewer for tipsters.

Now, I want to talk a little bit about what I will and won’t divulge in terms of the information that Following Tipsters: A Blueprint for Success contains. As I have said before now, ultimately, somebody has invested time and effort into creating a product that they keep behind a paywall. To simply start throwing that information out for free simply isn’t fair.

As such, those of you who are looking for lots of detail and information that you can take away for free, unfortunately, are going to be disappointed. What I can do is talk about things in a broad overview and that is exactly what I intend to do.

Chris Sowerby says himself in the sales material that over the course of Following Tipsters: A Blueprint for Success, he shows you a number of things. These include how to set up “risk-proof” tipster portfolio, the different types of tispters, which websites reveal the best tipsters, and a host of other information.

Given that Chris Sowerby is a writer by profession, as you would expect, Following Tipsters: A Blueprint for Success is a well put together piece of content. It reads well and I really do think that it covers most things that you need to know if you are getting started building a portfolio and taking those “next steps” to becoming a more engaged bettor.

Now, I do have a few criticisms about Following Tipsters: A Blueprint for Success as well. Some of these I will cover here, and others probably a little later on in my conclusion where they may perhaps be a little more pertinent. But one of the big things is that personally, it all seems a bit bloated to me.

To be fair to Chris Sowerby, this is most information products that I look at, so this isn’t a unique problem with him. There are a lot of ways people think that they are getting value from a product and bulking things out can help people get more for their money.

Furthermore, I would say that because of my time in a not dissimilar role, I probably have a better idea than most about what I am looking at. As such, there are probably some very basic things included in Following Tipsters: A Blueprint for Success that I have dismissed as being too basic, that if you were new to betting, probably aren’t.  So those criticism can be tempered a little in that regard.

How Does Following Tipsters: A Blueprint for Success Work?

The idea behind Following Tipsters: A Blueprint for Success is quite a simple one. There are loads of crappy tipster services out there, and if you can begin to understand what to look for, then you can make better decisions about what you are signing up for. That is a very good idea, and if I put aside my own understanding, I can see how something like this will help people.

One of the things that you may find yourself asking is who is Chris Sowerby, what is Tipstars, and why exactly is he qualified to write Following Tipsters: A Blueprint for Success. Well, as I have already mentioned, Chris Sowerby has been in the reviewing industry for some time. He has covered a lot of different tipster services for The Betting Rant with Matt Houghton, and together they founded Tipstars.

Tipstars, for those who aren’t familiar, is one of the larger proofing databases online. It is a well put together website that shows you how different tipsters are performing. As such, because Chris Sowerby is looking at this huge sample of data, it seems reasonable to assume that he is well equipped to identify what makes a good tipster service work.

What is the Initial Investment?

We are told that the normal selling price for Following Tipsters: A Blueprint for Success is £19.95. That isn’t necessarily a particularly steep price for a product of this nature, but it is also a damn sight more than I would usually look to pay for a book.

With that having been said, as of the time of writing this, there is a 50% discount that brings the price down to just £9.95. It should be noted that Chris Sowerby claims that this lower price is a limited time offering available to the first 100 people who purchase Following Tipsters: A Blueprint for Success. I am not however entirely sold on this and believe it may be a simple marketing gimmick.

It is also worth keeping in mind that payment for Following Tipsters: A Blueprint for Success is handled directly through Paypal. Pair this up with the fact that there is no money back guarantee mentioned, and I would expect that there is no refund policy in place here. As such, this shouldn’t be a purchase that you simply dive into.  

What is the Rate of Return?

There isn’t really any claims in terms of the income potential for Following Tipsters: A Blueprint for Success. This makes a lot of sense as really, this isn’t a direct money making service. What we are told by Chris Sowerby though is that “anyone looking to make money from tipsters can save themselves thousands of pounds thanks to this book”.

This number is very unsubstantiated and honestly, I’m not entirely certain where this number of thousands of pounds comes from. I suppose if you were following naff tipster services for long enough it might be applicable, but ultimately, I would take this with a pretty healthy pinch of salt.  

Conclusion for Following Tipsters: A Blueprint for Success

When I first started to look at Following Tipsters: A Blueprint for Success, I was a little bit cynical about the concept. I mean, what makes a good tipster? Surely it’s simply whether or not it’s making money… Right? But, to be fair to Chris Sowerby, he is well versed to explore the subject the way that he has. Do I necessarily agree with everything that he says, no, I don’t. But that is down to differences in approach.

What I will say, being objective, is that there is a decent amount of coverage of a wide variety of quite important topics. More importantly, there is a decent breakdown of why you should be considering these things, and that is important if you want to become a better bettor.

Now, I will say that there are a few problems that I have here, and they aren’t deal breakers, but I do think that they should be covered. Obviously, Following Tipsters: A Blueprint for Success is linked to the Tipstars website (which is actually a decent thing and worth checking out if you haven’t), and through that, Matt Houghton. And of course, Chris Sowerby also writes for The Betting Rant who are a part of Agora Lifestyles.

As such, I feel that there is a sniff of bias in terms of some of the things that are said. A number of elements lean towards favouring products that they have launched, and you should keep that in mind when you are looking at Following Tipsters: A Blueprint for Success. If only because whilst there are plenty of positives here, I would hate for somebody to be misled in this regard.

With that out of the way, let’s focus on those positives. I genuinely believe that if you do read Following Tipsters: A Blueprint for Success, and you have no real understanding of the tipster industry and what is involved, you will walk away with more knowledge than you started with. Given that this is ultimately the aim of the book, that is no bad thing.

I will also be fair to Chris Sowerby and say that I can’t think of many people who would be better to put something like Following Tipsters: A Blueprint for Success together. His experience is not inconsiderable and I genuinely believe that this shows through in the content.

I don’t usually like to get caught up in the copy of a product, but it is fair to say that somebody who has proofed as many tipsters as Chris Sowerby has really is well positioned to offer you good advice, and that is, by and large what you are getting.

So, with Following Tipsters: A Blueprint for Success being a well put together and informative product, would I recommend it. Honestly, I’m a bit split on this, because there are a few different ways of looking at it. I’m going to talk through my thoughts here and the probably cop out at the end by saying it’s your call, but that is for a very good reason.

Here’s the thing. I can see the appeal for a small group of people who are looking to take their betting to the next level, and don’t really have the time or inclination to sit down and really research what will work for them personal.

In that case, paying £10 for everything in one place is a top idea, and it represents decent value (although you should keep in mind that it may not be entirely objective in how it steers your decisions.

But, on the flip side of that coin, if you have the time to dedicate to looking into your options, seeing what will work for you personally, what fits your betting needs. Well, you’ll end up better off and it won’t have cost you anything. But I will say that that does take a lot of time.

I would also say that if you have any real experience with betting, then unfortunately, there is unlikely to be anything here that is particularly new. Maybe a different opinion or way of looking at things, a sliver of information, but certainly not enough that you would necessarily want to pay for it.

Well, there you are. That’s my cop out answer. If you really are pressed for time and have no real experience with tipsters, then Following Tipsters: A Blueprint for Success is a very good buy. But by and large, I would say that it is a bit niche really, and if you do have the time, you will be better doing your own research and garnering a better understanding based around your own circumstances and approach to betting.



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