Football 2nd Half Predictor Review

Football 2nd Half Predictor is a piece of software from Kevin of Horse Racing Rates that has been designed to identify the best possible bets to place for the second half of the match.

What does the product offer?

Football 2nd Half Predictor is a piece of software that according to Kevin will allow users to quickly and easily identify potential bets for (not surprisingly given the name of the product) the second half of any football game with a focus on in play betting. As a piece of software Football 2nd Half Predictor is very easy to use and uses a simple number of drop down menus. You simply select the score at half time (going all the way up to 2-2) and the software will do the rest of the work for you presenting each possible result as a percentile chance. Because of how it works, one of the strong points of Football 2nd Half Predictor is that it can seemingly be used for any game in the world. It is of note that Football 2nd Half Predictor also comes with a built in staking system whereby you input the odds and the software will work out how much you should stake. Kevin has also factored loss recovery into this side of things with the software providing calculations on that too.

How does the product work?

As a piece of software, Football 2nd Half Predictor is based on historic data going back 10 years. It shows the chance of specific results occurring as well as cumulative data that shows the odds of a home win, away win or a draw. You can then use this information in a variety of ways.

What is the initial investment?

Kevin is selling Football 2nd Half Predictor for a one time cost of £39.99 which will allow you to run the software on a 12 month license. As is the case with all products sold through Horse Racing Rates there is no money back guarantee with Kevin stating that as there is no product to be returned.

What is the rate of return?

There isn’t any claimed returns in terms of Football 2nd Half Predictor and this is a difficult thing to gauge being honest. Ultimately how much you could earn would depend on how often you used the software and how much you were staking.


I am generally a fan of Kevin’s products however I’m not entirely sold on Football 2nd Half Predictor. The fact is that there are a number of restrictions in place and realistically, within a few weeks of using it you should already have a pretty fair amount of the potential outcome (because of the sample size, results today are unlikely to change the percentages in terms of predicted outcomes).

One of the other things that I feel is worth keeping in mind is unless you want to constantly be placing new bets in game (something that you could easily do without Football 2nd Half Predictor) then a fair amount of knowledge about football is required in which case the software won’t necessarily be tabling anything that you didn’t already know.

All things considered I think that whilst Football 2nd Half Predictor is a capable enough piece of kit, you would be better off looking at one of Kevin’s many other products instead.



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From: Simon Roberts