Football Advisor Lays Review

Football Advisor Lays is a lay betting service from the Football Advisor website. As the name suggests, the service is based around providing top quality tips to subscribers with a supposedly consistent profit drawn over the last 12 months.

What does the product offer?

The sales material for Football Advisor Lays is actually rather muted with no ridiculous claims made or blatantly inflated results. This is always a good start as far as I am concerned and as such, I am able to cast an eye over the service with no preconceptions. With that in mind, let’s actually take a good look at what Football Advisor have to say about Football Advisor Lays and whether or not this is a lay betting service that is worth your time and money.

As a service, Football Advisor Lays is rather typical of most tipster services. Selections are issued to subscribers directly via email. These emails detail the bet that you should be laying including the time and which league to look at. What it doesn’t detail however is the odds that you should be looking to lay against. Because Football Advisor Lays is a lay betting product, it is important to point that the odds that you lay will not change any aspect of your profit or loss. It will however make a world of difference when a bet loses (something that I will get to).

One of the things that you may have noted that I haven’t mentioned up to this point are the number of bets that you may receive. Frankly, this is because they are sporadic to say the least. You may see 9 bets one day, only for Football Advisor Lays to die of and there be no selections for 4 days. This is in part down to the nature of football and can’t be helped, however other services I have looked at before Football Advisor Lays can offer selections on a more consistent basis.

The bets themselves are all straightforward and involve laying an individual team. According to Football Advisor, there is generally enough liquidity available on the market in order for everybody to get desirable odds. This does go a long way in terms of to ultimately minimise the risk that is involved with Football Advisor Lays as a lay betting product. Suffice it to say however, you will always want to try and lay a bet on as low odds as you can get matched.

Having looked at the bets and the service as a whole, there are a few things to keep in mind when looking at the numbers side of Football Advisor Lays. The first thing is the staking plan. It is generally recommended you stick to level stakes of just 1 point per bet. Whilst this does somewhat restrict the income potential,. it also ensures that the Football Advisor team aren’t ever risking too much of your money at any given time.

The strike rate for Football Advisor Lays is one of the most important things to consider, as I feel it is with any lay betting service. Over the trial period, Football Advisor claim that Football Advisor Lays was able to attain an average of 88.46%. My research into Football Advisor Lays has however revealed that the overall figure is likely to be closer to the 75-80% mark. This is still a respectable enough number for a lay betting tipster service however which doesn’t count against Football Advisor Lays too much.

How does the product work?

There isn’t really a lot of information provided about what the selection process for Football Advisor Lays entails. This is rather disappointing as I would expect at least some information on this. Especially when you consider that Football Advisor say that they have been following their own lay bets for 3 years informally. I don’t expect a full and in depth report here, but I have long maintained that as a consumer you should be able to expect some insight into what you are buying into, especially as numbers don’t always

What is the initial investment?

There are three options if you want to sign up to Football Advisor Lays. These are a monthly, quarterly and a 6 monthly subscription basis. These are however not on the cheap side. Football Advisor are asking £47 per month, £112 per quarter or £188 every 6 months. This means that if you opt for the better value 6 month subscription, you are still paying £31.33 per month. Payment is handled directly via Football Advisor and comes with no money back guarantee etc. This is typical for most tipster services however so doesn’t count too much against Football Advisor Lays.

What is the rate of return?

Over the 3 years that the Football Advisor team have supposedly been following the bets, Football Advisor Lays has produced an overall profit of 228.75 units. This means that year on year there have been average annual profits of just under 110 points. Whilst a profit is a profit, it is worth keeping in mind that you would have to bet at least £5 per bet in order to make a minimal profit (£1 per point) once you have covered your subscription fees. In the 3 months that Football Advisor Lays was trialled with a beta trial group, Football Advisor Lays supposedly generated 24.67 points.


Lay betting services are always a massively mixed bag in my opinion. They are low yielding by their nature when it comes to the income potential. This isn’t an inherently bad thing, however it has to be well balanced against the cost of a service and this is where I am not convinced that Football Advisor Lays works out.

£10 stakes are generally what I work off when calculating whether or not a service is worth buying. I also generally work off the monthly subscription fee however in this case, I am willing to look at the cheapest option in order to try and calculate the best possible profit. Over 12 months, you would have spent £376 to make £1,110. This means £734 profit for the year.

These numbers aren’t too bad. I will ultimately leave judgement on you as to whether or not this is decent return as this will vary from one person to another. From my experience however, I believe that there is more profit available through other services. This calls into question just how great the value for money is when it comes to Football Advisor Lays.

This is the real problem that I have with Football Advisor Lays. Put bluntly, there are better services on the marke t and that is about it. There isn’t inherently anything wrong with Football Advisor. After all, you would have almost tripled the amount that you started out with which is a decent earning, it just isn’t as good as some of the similar products. With that in mind, I don’t think that I can recommend Football Advisor Lays. It is well worth keeping on your maybe list however as I do feel that there is more money to be made

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