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Football Bank Builder Review Matt Fisher

Football Bank Builder is a sports betting manual that focuses on lay betting football. It has been created by Matt Fisher and is currently being offered by Agora Lifestyles.

What does the Football Bank Builder offer?

According to Matt Fisher, Football Bank Builder will teach you the methods that he has employed (and you can too) to generate a substantial amount of money through minimal betting and theoretically, risk. Football Bank Builder is claimed to be an easy to follow system that simply utilises lay betting in the over/under 2.5 goals market. There is no trading involved however as Football Bank Builder does use lay betting you will need an account with a betting exchange (of which Betfair is the most well known and popular). Matt Fishers says that Football Bank Builder has been designed to limit losing runs with various staking plans also explored as they are key to the profits claimed. As a bonus, when you buy Football Bank Builder you also get a copy of Betfair for Dummies.

How does the Football Bank Builder work?

Football Bank Builder is a system that is not so much built around understanding the sport but rather the staking system that is involved. Essentially, Matt Fisher says that Football Bank Builder looks at the markets right before kick off to decide which way to lay and then, by staking according to Football Bank Builders instructions, you can make easy profit. All of this sounds good but what I find interesting is that despite the claims made, Football Bank Builder does not offer any real proofing or evidence which is disconcerting as it wouldn’t take too much of a losing streak to hugely impact profits.

What is the initial investment?

Agora Lifestyles and Matt Fisher are selling Football Bank Builder for a one time cost of £97. This comes with Matt Fisher’s “personal money back guarantee” which states that if you fail to profit following seven consecutive days of use in the first 30 days since purchasing Football Bank Builder, then you can claim a refund.

What is the rate of return?

The key selling point of Football Bank Builder is that you can turn £1,000 into over £30,000 over a 3 year period however this does involve rather heavy compounding and is based around a theoretical result rather than anything real.

Conclusion on Football Bank Builder

Football Bank Builder is rather on the expensive side which frankly, I find to be only half the problem. The big issue for me lies in the fact that what you are paying for here is a staking plan and advice on compounding your winnings essentially. Whilst it does go into a little more depth than that, I would expect a lot more for the money.

At the center of any product is whether or not it represents value for money and for me, Football Bank Builder simply doesn’t seem to deliver in this regard. With more proofing and evidence and a much much smaller price tag, Football Bank Builder might have warranted some attention but as it stands there are much better betting strategies that are being sold for a lot less.



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Comments (1)

Late Oct2018

I have been with bank builder for a couple of months.
Cycle 1 soon returned a double bank.
So onto Cycle2 with plenty of confidence. MASSIVE MISTAKE!!
Basically I increased the bank by 6 and turned £600 into next to nought.
A good excuse though. Unlucky with strange results !!!!!!

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From: Simon Roberts