Football Blueprint X Review

Football Blueprint X is a sports betting guide from Camron Brown will allegedly allow users to make their own selections that according to the sales material will generate a substantial income.

What does the product offer?

Football Blueprint X is claimed to be a 100% newbie friendly, low cost betting system that is entirely scalable and yet has almost zero learning curve. There are actually two key aspects to Football Blueprint X, the first of which is the actual self selection method. This is presented in a  40 page PDF document that uses a step by step format which Camron Brown claims will allow you to immediately start using the method. The second main aspect to Football Blueprint X is receiving “high quality selections” from Camron Brown’s team.

How does the product work?

I wasn’t all that surprised to see that on the sales page for Football Blueprint X, Camron Brown doesn’t really offer any insight into how his system works. In fact, literally the only thing that is said about Football Blueprint X is that it will reveal a “simple and successful market that most bettors fail to notice”. This is rather disappointing as there is a lot that surrounds Football Blueprint X that is rather suspect (that I shall explore below).

What is the initial investment?

Football Blueprint X is currently being sold by Camron Brown for £9 which is claimed to be for a limited time only after which the price will allegedly go up to £27. It is worth noting that Football Blueprint X doesn’t come with any money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

One area where Camron Brown is clear about what Football Blueprint X can supposedly do is the income potential. Allegedly even complete newbies will be able to make £500 per day through Football Blueprint X whilst Camron Brown says that he clears £20,000 each month with his system. Interestingly in the only piece of “evidence” put forward, Football Blueprint X made 83.7 points of profit in 3 months. His means to get the claimed profit stakes would have to be around £720 per point.


If Football Blueprint X sounds too good to be true, then it is probably because it is. The system provides no evidence whatsoever that it can do what it says and the one piece of evidence that it does provide shows completely contrary numbers. In fact, it can’t even get its own numbers straight.

If this wasn’t enough to put you off (which it should be), there are a lot of questions surrounding the creator. Football Blueprint X was registered by Timothy Humphry, a name I have encountered before looking at another product. The registered address for Football Blueprint X in turn had a betting company registered there until very recently, Finesse Bet.

These in turn seem to have been operated by one Henok Mikiele who has previously put out his own failed product that was ultimately pulled from the market. The rabbit hole goes deeper but this is more than enough to make me believe that Football Blueprint X isn’t a genuine product and as such I would strongly recommend avoiding it.



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