Football Cash Machine System Review

Football Cash Machine System is a sports betting system from Chris Williams that introduces users to a little known football betting market.

What does the product offer?

In Football Cash Machine System creator Chris Williams has identified a method of sports betting that is able to produce a high strike rate with very little work involved. In fact, the strike rate for Football Cash Machine System is a staggering 96% according to Chris Williams’ results. Naturally this does have an impact on profits making Football Cash Machine System a low risk, low yield system, especially given the fact that you will not be backing massive odds. You can apply the methods that Chris Williams teaches to the majority of leagues with this distribution of top and lower league games allowing you to use Football Cash Machine System on a pretty frequent basis. Everything is explained through 3 videos running for almost 2 hours a as well as a PDF detailing the method should you require a paper copy.

How does the product work?

Because of how Football Cash Machine System works it is difficult to discuss it in any detail without giving the game away. What I can say is that Chris Williams has devised a simple enough plan that involves you simply having to check a website in the run up to a game, compare a few bits of information and if the criteria is met, you can then check the odds on Betfair and if they are above a certain figure you can then place said bet. According to Chris Williams this will still allow you to bet on over 80% of possible selections.

What is the initial investment?

Chris Williams is selling Football Cash Machine System on a dime sale which means that the price is slowly rising. Having started out at £27 the cost at the time of writing is £37 and this figure is ultimately capped at £47. It is worth noting that due to the digital nature of Football Cash Machine System, there is no money back guarantee in place.

What is the rate of return?

Figures are not discussed in depth however Chris Williams claims that Football Cash Machine System will produce an average ROI of between 5% and potentially more than 25%. The yields shown on the trial account are also rather low which coincides with this.


Chris Williams is not unknown and he has enjoyed some success with other betting systems which is reassuring. In terms of Football Cash Machine System, there isn’t anything particularly complicated about the system but there is definite potential to make money here. Admittedly, you will not make a lot and there are some aspects of Football Cash Machine System that aren’t great, for example the low yield means that a loss will impact your betting bank. Chris Williams also recommends staking 20% of the bank which some people may (understandably) find off putting. Realistically though, Football Cash Machine System doesn’t appear to be a bad little system if you can get it at a reasonable price.



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