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Draw Profits is a newly launched sports betting tipster service which has been created by John Baker. It aims to profit by backing football games to draw and is based heavily on a previous product.

Introduction Draw Profits

At the start of this year, I wrote about a service called Draw Doubles. It was newly launched and showed some degree of promise. The results were initially promising and off the back of this, I concluded that it was worth a look. At the time, this was the right call to make however as anybody reading this probably knows, the betting world is a very fickle one.

Here I am 8 months later and John Baker is looking to relaunch his Draw Doubles with a heavily tweaked approach. Put simply, the previous effort ended up losing money on the double betting aspect. Whilst it had initially proved more profitable than simply backing singles, this turned out to not be sustainable.

John Baker is a professional however and this clearly didn’t get him down. Draw Profits is based on very similar fundamentals however the whole thing has supposedly been reworked to offer a more consistent product.

What Does Draw Profits Offer?

As was the case with Draw Doubles, Draw Profits is fundamentally a very straight forward tipster service. As is the case with a lot of football tipster services, this is not quite a daily affair. Seasons are massively different across the globe and it goes without saying that some days, there won’t be football to bet on, or perhaps John Baker can’t find a bet.

This is something that is mitigated however by very extensive football looking at a huge variety of leagues and cups. When selections are available, the logistics of Draw Profits are very straight forward. John Baker simply sends out his selections to subscribers via email. All that you have to do is place your bets.

draw-profits-reviewTalking of the bets, as the name strongly implies, all bets that Draw Profits advises are to back a game to draw.  This is a very straight forward (albeit under utilised) bet type which you should be able to place with most bookmakers as well as on betting exchanges.

Historically, Draw Profits has been a very high volume service however in recent months and following the changes, John Baker is much more selective. In fact, over the last three months there have been just 175 bets advised. This means around 2 per day. For context the three months preceding had over double the amount of bets.

Historically, Draw Profits has been proofed to level stakes and this appears to be what John Baker recommends you bet. There is however proofing provided for a monthly compounding staking plan however and this could potentially yield some stronger results. Whichever option you went for, a 50 point betting bank is recommended for Draw Profits , a number which ultimately provides a decent amount of leeway and more than absorbs any losing streaks etc.

Keeping with the numbers side of things, I want to talk briefly about the strike rate for Draw Profits. Between January and April when Draw Doubles was active, the strike rate stood at just 28.65% betting on a match to draw.

This doesn’t sound like a terrible result however as I shall now demonstrate, John Baker is capable of so much more. In the last 3 months, a selective approach has produced a much more impressive figure of 36.16%. This number has grown month on month as well and I have reason to believe that this average can be sustained, if not improved upon.

How Does Draw Profits Work?

One of the things that was off putting about Draw Doubles was that there was a distinctive lack of information on the selection process and unfortunately, Draw Profits is the same. John Baker simply says that the service is based on a “highly sophisticated selection system using predictive software to identify the highest value opportunities to back the draw in football matches from leagues around the world”.

As I said last time however, John Baker has been around for some time having operated Banker Bets. Another football based tipster service (although one that is very different to Draw Profits) for some time. I also feel the fact that he has been able to identify where things went wrong previously and rectify them also paints a positive picture.

Whilst I will always find it disappointing that there is no insight into how bets are found (I don’t expect a full breakdown, but there should be enough to make an informed decision), I do think that there are enough mitigating factors with Draw Profits to let this go a little.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are three options available if you want to subscriber to Draw Profits. John Baker offers a monthly subscription, a quarterly subscription and a yearly subscription. These are priced at £37, £87 and £277 respectively. Obviously, the longer you subscriber for the better the value that is on offer.

It is worth noting that there is a trial month available on all subscriptions for Draw Profits which is priced at just £6.95. On top of this, if you opt for the quarterly or annual subscription, there is also a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee offered by John Baker.

What is the Rate of Return?

Calculating profits on Draw Profits is a bit of a unique thing in so much as it is difficult to know where to start. Since October 2017, the overall profits for the service stand at just 37.86 points. This represents an ROI of just 3.81%. Starting from January however, we have 3.98 points of profit and 0.59% as an ROI.

Here are the claimed profits:

draw-profits-resultsBeing optimistic however, I want to look at Draw Profits since May. This means a profit of 24.19 points of profit in 3 months and an average ROI of 15.4%. This represents much stronger results although I am not certain if they are good enough.

Conclusion on Football Draw Profits

The history of Draw Profits is a bit of a mixed one and it would be remiss of me to not mention it. Looking at the overall profits for the service and they are simply shocking. 3.98 points since January doesn’t even cover your subscription costs and realistically, it would leave you quite substantially in the red. This is not good.

This is however also only one aspect of Draw Profits. I think that if you look at the last 3 months, you see a very different service and it is looking at these that I begin to see some potential. Don’t get me wrong, this is not service that is going to make you rich. You are still only looking at around 8.5 points per month which unless you are staking £50 per point which is beyond the reach of a large number of bettors.

What you are getting however is a service which has demonstrated some consistency and this is what I choose to take away here.

I also think that it is noteworthy that John Baker has been willing to step back from something that doesn’t work and change this into something that is profitable. This takes a lot of character and means that the future of Draw Profits looks a lot brighter. Again, this is another very positive thing for Draw Profits, especially when you think about the longer term.

Despite this, I am not entirely convinced that I can recommend Draw Profits as it is. One of the main reasons for this is the cost. John Baker is asking quite a lot for a service that hasn’t necessarily performed.

Even looking at the last 3 months where Draw Profits has been at its best, the investment needed to make a decent second income means that it just isn’t worthwhile.

With this in mind, I wouldn’t really be inclined to recommend Draw Profits. I would however say that this is worth keeping on the back burner as I do maintain that there is potential.



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