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Football Elite Review

Football Elite is an email based sports betting tipster service by Matt Love. The focus is on placing bets for the top European leagues only.

What does the product offer?

Football Elite provides selections for top flight European leagues with Matt Love choosing to cover England, Spain, Germany, Italy and France. Football Elite is comprised of four different betting strategies that cover a variety of game types including opposing home favourites, backing both home and away sides in the lower English Leagues and even some antepost bets. Football Elite typically sends out selections for weekends as this is when the majority of the football is played.

How does the product work?

Matt Love takes a contrarian approach to betting stating that the best value is to be obtained betting against the grain, especially as football seems to have such clear cut outcomes. This means that although the bets that are offered seem very different to what we would expect, the odds are actually rather good and allow decent profit to be made, even with losses.

What is the initial investment?

Access to Football Elite comes with a 30 day free trial after which there are a number of different options available. There are standard monthly, 6 monthly and annual subscriptions which come in at £29.99, £99.99 and £179.99 respectively. There is also an option to sign up for £100 after which you pay another £100 once you have made 10 points of profit with another £100 due upon a further 10 points of profit.

What is the rate of return?

Since August 2006 the core service of Football Elite has made 192.27 points of profit which represents an 11.9% ROI. Other services have produced 20.56 points profit since January 2012, 22.19 points profit since August 2013 and 9.21 points of profit since August 2012. These figures don’t look particularly impressive on their own but actually, Football Elite has produced solid results as I shall explain below.


On the face of things Football Elite looks like a bit of a flop. The results certainly aren’t great compared to some services that offer 30 points per month. What works about Football Elite though is when you start breaking down the profits into ROI. The lowest ROI was 7.7% which is certainly better than most banks. Admittedly, Matt Love’s strategies will not put money in your pocket every month, but as a long term investment it definitely offers a solid option.



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From: Simon Roberts