Football Frenzy Review

Football Frenzy is a sports betting service from Bet Kudos that claims to provide you with football based bets that bookmakers allegedly don’t want you to know about.

What does the product offer?

According to Bet Kudos, Football Frenzy will provide you with “ratings, trends, analysis and bets” for a number of UK and European Leagues. Bet Kudos say that Football Frenzy covers the four main English Leagues as well as top leagues in Germany, Spain, Italy and France.

In terms of what Football Frenzy actually is, it is a large amount of data for you to analyse for the upcoming 2015/16 season. You will have to use the data that Football Frenzy provides you with to make your own selections and there are also receive some bets from Bet Kudos as well,.

These are mostly handed out at the start of the service with Football Frenzy sending out adjusted bet throughout the season based on what is happening within the leagues.

How does the product work?

Football Frenzy is based around extensive data and trend analysis, something that Bet Kudos are very clear about. The data itself is claimed to come from an ex bookie turned professional football bettor and that this “secret betting intel” is something that “the bookie will not want [Bet Kudos] to reveal.

I would expect some long term bets with Football Frenzy however the majority of the work will be carried out in terms of your own selections based off the data published.

What is the initial investment?

Football Frenzy is available for a one time cost of £19.99.

This covers you for the entire season in terms of updates. Unfortunately there isn’t really any money back guarantee in place with Bet Kudos saying that whilst they will consider any requests, refunds are not generally offered.

What is the rate of return?

There isn’t really any claimed rate of return for Football Frenzy however the email sent out promoting the product does provide some insight. For example, they refer to a Championship player who was tipped for top Goal Scorer at 16/1 whose odds have already fallen to 10/1.

They also talk about how a bet recommend at 18/1 has dropped to 12/1. All of these are suggestive to me of a high profit service.


Football Frenzy may be something that works well if you know enough about football to use the data as advised. If you were to use the service purely for the long term tips, I can’t help but feel that you may be disappointed and having to constantly adjust your betting throughout the season.

With no information on how often bets will be changing, I can see this potentially building up over the year. So with all of that in mind, is Football Frenzy any good? Well this all depends on what you want.

As I’ve said, if you want instructions to follow and profit to make then you will probably be rather disappointed with Football Frenzy ultimately. If however you already have a solid grasp on football betting and want an additional tool in your belt it is well worth considering.


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