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Football King is a relatively new to market football lay betting tipster service that is being provided through the Pro Betting Club stable of tipsters. The results to date have been somewhat modest, but show a lot of consistency,

Introduction to Football King

It isn’t very often that something comes along that is somewhat unique in prospect, and genuinely exciting. And when such a thing comes along, it is typically off the back of some sweeping new approach that opens doors. Where you don’t necessarily expect to see something exciting and unique is in a tipster service with average monthly profits of just 13.54 points. I know, I know… It’s almost underwhelming when you see it laid out so bluntly.

But here’s the thing. The reasons that it is worth getting excited over today’s subject for are all quite nuanced. You see, what Football King has done incredibly well with so far is consistency. And arguably even more surprisingly, it is pretty low risk in an area of betting where risk is usually a pretty big problem. This really isn’t something that I’ve ever seen as an approach in quite this way, and honestly, I am really impressed.

Of course, as is the case with any betting system, Football King is not flawless. A look through Pro Betting Club’s proofing shows that there are some patterns that are at least somewhat questionable. Things that perhaps will put off your average punter, and that would be very reasonable. The fact is that as solid as the results are, there are some… Shall we say extenuating circumstances. So, with all of that said, let’s get into it.  

What Does Football King Offer?

One of the things that immediately should be mentioned about Football King is that it isn’t really quite like other tipster services on the market. Even in terms of the tipster services that Pro Betting Club typically work with, it stands out. And with so much done differently, there is inevitably going to be some debate about whether or not it is for the better or worse.

This is evident in Football King where some of the more logistical things are very simple. It is a near daily tipster service (actually something of a rarity for football betting), however, this is not email based. Selections are simply made available in a member’s area and it is on you to then log in and check what bets there are.

You do at least get plenty of time to get bets placed however, with selections typically available before 10am. Building on this, one of the things that is good about Football King is that it is a lay betting service. What this means is that you don’t necessarily have to worry too much about finding the best odds, scouring bookies etc. You simply go to your chosen betting exchange and place the bets at the lowest odds you can get.

However, it isn’t quite this straight forward here as this isn’t a “set and forget” type service. Instead, you may have to place bets one after the other on days where there are multiple bets. This can mean that even though Football King is all relatively low volume, it also comes with some complications.  

Now, with that mention of “lowest odds” do rather nicely bring me on to the betting side of Football King. Something that is incredibly important because, to be blunt about it, it is where the service shines. Since the end of September last year, there have been 2 bets that are proofed at odds of higher than evens. This is important because, as a lay betting service, you want to keep your liabilities as low as possible (a point that I will be picking up shortly).

So how exactly are these low odds and low liability achieved? It is all about laying the favourite. This is an approach that I have seen in horse racing and greyhound racing a lot, but I haven’t seen it applied to football. Honestly though, it makes a lot of sense here, especially when you look at the games that have been bet on historically.

In order to take full advantage of backing favourites and lower odds, you can generally expect to be betting on a lot of different leagues. After all, that is the only real way to make a footballing service a daily affair and also keep that flow of favourites. Pro Betting Club show bets placed on a huge range of European football ranging from top flight games to international tournaments and a host of more niche examples as well.

With all of that out of the way, I want to come to what is arguably the single biggest consideration when it comes to Football King, and that is the staking plan. Now, Pro Betting Club do keep the details of this behind a paywall. As such, it isn’t really my place to go into the details of this here. But there are some things that I can say at the very least.

Putting it simply, Football King uses a recovery staking plan. This means that every time you encounter a loss, you stake more in order to make up for those losses until a win happens. In theory, this sounds well and good, but it can get very expensive if you hit a bit of a losing streak. Something that inevitably happens as a result of the type of bet you are placing.  

When you combine this with a recommended betting bank of 150 points, I can’t help but feel like Football King carries the potential to get pretty dicey. I will talk about this in more detail a little later on, but liabilities have gotten up to 25 points before. That is a 6th of your bank, and whilst it should, in theory, balance eventually. That point of eventually still hangs in the air.

All of these concerns are compounded when you look at the strike rate for Football King which, at the time of writing, Pro Betting Club claim sits at 37.8%. Honestly, I don’t think that is a bad result all things considered, but those of you who are familiar with more traditional lay betting strategies may find this to be more than a bit disappointing.

How Does Football King Work?

There are a few different elements “at play” when it comes to how Football King works. First things first, let’s talk about why you’re laying favourites. This for me is the single most important thing as it is central to… Well, everything. The thing with laying a favourite to win is it means that if there is a draw or an upset, you are going to profit. And because of the unpredictable nature of football (especially at the moment) this can happen quite often.

As well as giving you more opportunities to have a bet, by focusing on favourites you get those lower odds. Because you pay out a liability with lay betting, this can get expensive. I’ve seen a lot of services ruined because of a 12/1 bet that has been layed turning against them. With Football King, you’re paying out, generally speaking, less than your stake. Which means that in theory, any win will put you into profit. Especially with that staking plan.

With that said, there are elements of Football King that I wish we had more insight into. Namely, the selection process. There isn’t a lot of rhyme or reason to the games that are layed and I think it would be much more ideal to know why you’re laying certain favourites and not others. Especially because some of the bets just seem really quite questionable in my mind. And to raise a point I keep coming back to, it all racks up quickly.

Now, there is some mitigation to be had here I suppose. As always, Pro Betting Club provide very comprehensive proofing which allows you to easily look at the results and get an idea of whether or not this is for you. I will always stand by the notion that as consumers we should be better informed about what we are getting into (an area where Football King is definitely lacking), buy you can at least get an idea of the ebb and flow from this  

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up to Football King there are just two options available. Firstly, there is a monthly subscription. This is priced at £39.50 per month. Alternatively, you can get better value signing up on a quarterly basis which is priced at £89.50 every 3 months (representing a saving of £29 on the monthly rate).

Of note is the fact that whilst Pro Betting Club don’t actually make mention of it, there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place. This is backed up by the fact that the service is being sold through Clickbank.  

What is the Rate of Return?

First things first, let’s address the service as a whole. Football King currently sits at a profit of 67.7 points. Over 4 and a bit months, I don’t think that is a bad result at all. What is arguably more impressive in my mind is the ROI which has been maintained at around 30%. If this kind of number can be sustained over the long term Pro Betting Club will really be onto something special.

As I mentioned way back in my introduction for Football King, at the time of writing the average monthly profits sit at 13.54 points. What I like about this is that it is actually a pretty accurate reflection of what you can expect. Between October and January, points profit ranged from 12.75 points per month up to 16.78 points. Throwing off the curve a little is September last year which was a partial month and had profits of 9.65 points. Still in line with that average.

Conclusion for Football King

In many respects, I like a lot about Football King. I feel like Pro Betting Club have had a bloody good attempt at tackling at least some of the problems that can exist with lay betting. Namely, the huge liabilities that can come when a bet loses. However, they have also somehow managed to introduce the exact same problem in a different way. So… Let’s talk about that.

You see, the biggest problem that I have with Football King is the staking plan. It isn’t that there is inherently anything wrong with staking to try and recover losses, but I can’t help but feel there has to be a point where you just have to call it. Pro Betting Club don’t seem acknowledge this however with the service seemingly being willing to keep betting until you finally win.

On a long enough timeline, and with a serious enough betting bank, that is entirely feasible. But there is that limit of a 150 point bank. Football King might have only got to staking 25 points to recover so far (I say only so casually, that is a huge number to bet), but a particularly bad stretch can just wipe you out. And unfortunately, you will probably face those losing streaks in the future.

Let’s not forget, the worst case scenario that we’ve seen so far comes in just 4 and a bit months of betting. There is a hell of a long time for things to get worse. And what you’re ultimately offsetting this against are results that, whilst consistent, are still very much “typical”. That average number is exactly that. Average. All at a cost of around of about £40 per month. At £10 per point, that brings you down to single digit results.

When you start to look at it all like that, I just find it difficult to reconcile Football King. I can fully appreciate why Pro Betting Club have brought this to market. In theory, the results attained should be relatively easy to repeat, but in my mind that dark shadow of risk constantly hangs over everything.

It is mostly with that in mind that I can’t really say that this is worth much in the way of consideration. To clarify, I don’t believe that Pro Betting Club have put out a necessarily terrible service here. I have definitely seen much worse. But the blunt fact of the matter is that there are very real reasons to be concerned about the recovery plan that is in place. And when that isn’t even acknowledged… Well, that suggests some very short-sightedness.

The issue that I have with that is… Well, if Pro Betting Club want to commit to that, then fair is fair. However, what I wouldn’t look to do the same. Not when you’re at a point of staking 25 points on a single bet, just t recover and end up with a single point of profit.


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