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Football Mania is a long standing sports betting tipster from Jon Roberts and Betfan that (as the name suggests) focuses on football betting.

What does the product offer?

Football Mania is a rather interesting proposition as far as sports betting tipster services go with Jon Roberts looking at a huge variety of bets and leagues. Selections are actually rather frequent for a sports betting tipster service with Football Mania only really missing a handful of days per month. A big part of this is down to the leagues that Football Mania bets on with examples ranging from top European Leagues to bottom tier Scottish football.

The bets themselves range from straightforward win affairs to some rather substantial accumulators. The staking plan for Football Mania is rather intensive in my opinion.

The majority of the bets that you are backing are advised at 2 or 3 points, however Football Mania also uses this same staking plan for accumulators as well. Unfortunately, there is no published strike rate for Football Mania however from looking over the results, I would expect this to be around the 30% mark.

How does the product work?

Jon Roberts says that he is a true football fanatic as well as being a very successful professional sports bettor. Outside of this, the only information that is really provided is that selections for Football Mania come courtesy of a secret system.

What is interesting about this is unlike most football based tipster services, Football Mania isn’t necessarily concerned with obvious selections.

In fact, the few “obvious” selections that are made are often part of accumulators or use Asian Handicap bets in order to boost the odds to something profitable.

What is the initial investment?

Betfan and Jon Roberts offer two subscriptions for those who want to sign up to Football Mania. The first of these is a monthly membership which is charged at £48 per month. The second option is much more attractive and costs £199 for the season.

Given that this is a Betfan product, there is unfortunately no real money back guarantee in place.

What is the rate of return?

Football Mania has been proofed extensively and during this time, Jon Roberts has demonstrated a knack for producing a pretty consistent profitable trend. In fact, in over 2 years of service, there have bene just 4 months that have been losing months.

The current year to date profit stands at 142.28 points which is respectable enough whilst historically, Football Mania has produced an all time profit of 435.44 points.


Football Mania is a bit too pricey on a month by month basis for my liking, however paying £200 for a season seems like a relative bargain.

The results are strong and whilst I can see how betting with Football Mania could become expensive (a day chosen at random involved 17 points being staked), ultimately this is something that should put you in the black.

What I will say about Football Mania is I don’t think that it is necessarily something that is well suited to those who are brand new to betting. The fact is that odds drift quickly and to place some of the bets that Football Mania asks of you, you will need to know exactly what you are doing and where to go to place those bets. Otherwise, Football Mania is well worth a look.


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From: Simon Roberts