Football Masters Correct Score Tips Review

Football Masters Correct Score Tips is a sports betting tipster service which is operated by the aptly named Rich Luck (supposedly). The service provides some free football tips, however the core focus of this review is the Correct Score Tips.

Introduction to Football Masters – Correct Score Tips

I have seen more ways of betting on football than you can reasonably shake a stick at. Some of them are really obvious things, like Manchester City to beat Fulham. I have also looked at services that look to bundle their bets into accumulators, utilise Asian Handicap bets and even spread bet using OPTA stats and ratings.

The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of different approaches. One that is rarely covered however is correct scores. Rich Luck is apparently looking to remedy this however with Football Masters Correct Score Tips, a service that is actually very interesting to me. The truth of the matter is that most football betting is low odds, especially when compared to something like horse racing.

Correct score bets however often see some very substantial returns, so if they can be won with any kind of consistency, then Football Masters Correct Score Tips should be a winner.

What Does Football Masters Correct Score Tips Offer?

As I have mentioned, the focus of this review is on Football Masters Correct Score Tips, however I do want to talk a little bit about Football Masters as a wider website first. So many tipsters these days are keen to push you to subscribe to a service with little in the way of tangible justification as to why you should do so.

Rich Luck however, operates an entirely free aspect of Football Masters, as well as the paid for Football Masters Correct Score Tips option. This covers a variety of topics which ae designed to help you to become a better bettor, but the one that is important to me is the look at “Form, statistics & players to keep an eye on”. This is for reasons that I will explore shortly.

So, moving onto Football Masters Correct Score Tips in and of itself. What are you actually getting here? This paid service is a weekly tipster which offers bets for UK football over the weekend. Selections are issued by Rich Luck on a Friday afternoon (by and large.

There is a possibility that selections will be issued late, in which case they are sent out on a Saturday). These are sent out directly via email, and there is enough information there to allow you to place bets easily enough.

This brings me on to the bets themselves. Whilst there are just 3 games tipped through Football Masters Correct Score Tips, you will often receive multiple tips for one game or another. Given the approach of the service, this is reasonable enough. Seemingly in order to aid with mitigation of loss, it appears that Rich Luck will never tip more than 6 bets on a given day.

As well as backing the individual bets, it is also advised that you double them up using substantial reduced stakes. This means that in theory, Football Masters Correct Score Tips has the potential to win very big, even if you aren’t betting a lot.

In terms of the numbers, it is generally recommend that you stake just 1 point on a given bet. Occasionally, when the aren’t multiple bets per game, you may be recommended to stake more. In terms of the doubles, Rich Luck says that you should aim to get as close to 1 point as possible across all bet combinations. This means that typically speaking, you will be staking slightly over or under 0.1 points per bet.

In terms of a strike rate, rather unfortunately, there is no historic data in place for Football Masters Correct Score Tips. Realistically though, I can’t see this winning on a particularly frequent basis due to the nature of the service.

How Does Football Masters Correct Score Tips Work?

The reason I wanted to talk about the free side of Football Masters isn’t just because it is free betting advice (and everybody loves getting something for nothing).

Mostly, it is because of the information that Rich Luck provides when he talks about statistics etc. To me, this demonstrates somebody who clearly has an understanding of football and is able to extrapolate data from large amounts of information.

This becomes key when you consider Football Masters Correct Score Tips. Whilst  I can appreciate that this does involve some conjecture on my behalf, ultimately, it seems that anybody who can get their head around statistics has an increased chance of identifying correct scores.

Now I have to say here that Rich Luck isn’t recommending anything outlandish. Bets won include things like Liverpool and Arsenal drawing or Chelsea beating Crystal Palace 2-0 or 3-1. None the less, Rich Luck is still able to find strong odds on these bets for Football Masters Correct Score Tips, seemingly simply because of the multitude of outcomes.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are two different options if you want to sign up to Football Masters Correct Score Tips. The first of these is a monthly pass which is priced at £20 per month. Alternatively, Rich Luck offers a season pass for Football Masters Correct Score Tips which is priced at £97 for the season.

It is worth noting that payment for the service is processed directly via Paypal, and with no mention of any money back guarantee etc. I wouldn’t expect this to be in place. To be fair to Football Masters Correct Score Tips, this is often the case when it comes to genuine tipster services.

What is the Rate of Return?

In terms of the income potential for the service, it is claimed that Football Masters Correct Score Tips produced a profit of over 200 points last season. Realistically, I can believe these results despite the lack of proofing which is available. My research into Football Masters Correct Score Tips shows that it has produced some pretty decent results for this season.

Where I believe that Rich Luck will really provide his worth is when the bets actually come all in, as there is potential there for some pretty substantial pay days.


I don’t really know what to make of Football Masters Correct Score Tips. It is a good looking service, but by the same token, I’m not entirely sure who is crying out for it. It is great to see somebody who is looking to find value bets in football, but with so much value in other sports, does this really matter? In some ways, I feel almost more confused than anything else, and the more I try to think about it, the more I have two thoughts.

I like it, but I don’t know why. Truth be told, football betting is a very overly saturated market and a lot of what is out there, particularly when it comes to tipsters, is generally there or there about the same. Rich Luck really turns this on its head with Football Masters Correct Score Tips and I think that is why I like it. In a world of very obvious bets, this quiet and small tipster service does a good job of finding a new angle on making profit.

Truth be told, I also think that there is additional potential to utilise Football Masters Correct Score Tips as a basis for bets outside of just correct scores. You might not see massive increases in profits, but I do believe that there is potential to keep your bank topped up between wins. This is only speculation though and this would probably require some more vigorous testing to see how it stands up.

One of the most appealing things about Football Masters Correct Score Tips in my book is the price.

£20 per month is not a lot for a tipster service in this day and age and the results, whilst not mind blowing, are ultimately pretty profitable. Especially if you were inclined to include Football Masters Correct Score Tips as a method of topping up another more standard football tipster service.

As such, I think that there is bags of value to be had here, particularly if you want to make Football Masters Correct Score Tips part of a portfolio.

With all of this in mind, I think that Football Masters Correct Score Tips could be a bit of a  hidden gem to be honest. It isn’t a service which is operated by a large tipster stable and as such, I am inclined to believe that Rich Luck is very genuine in what he is offering.

This is also most likely why the service is quite overlooked. This is a bit of a niche football tipster service, but it is one that I think is worth a look for a lot of people.


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From: Simon Roberts