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Football Money Generator Review

Football Money Generator is a product developed by Ashley Watkins that claims to be able to help you profit from football betting.

What does the product offer?

This is rather a difficult thing to gauge as the promotional material for Football Money Generator is a long and rambling video that does nothing to explain what is on offer. Instead Ashley Watkins makes a very long sales pitch about the quality of life that Football Money Generator has helped him achieve. All that can be reasonably stated as fact about Football Money Generator is that it involves football betting and that the staking plan involves compounding. There is not even information on whether this is a tipster service or a betting system.

How does the product work?

Having researched Football Money Generator exhaustively I can ascertain that it appears to be a combination of a betting system and tips but again, one is left with no insight into this. Really this is very disappointing as even products that I previously considered to be secretive don’t go to the lengths Ashley Watkins does to hide what Football Money Generator does or is.

What is the initial investment?

Football Money Generator sells for £27 directly through PayPal. There is a money back guarantee in place but it is rather difficult to tell whether it is 7 days or 60. The promotional video says that if you haven’t made a profit after 7 days you can claim a refund; however the website advertises a 60 day money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

Ashley Watkins says that Football Money Generator will earn a consistent 30% profit which it is recommended is reinvested back into betting. Based off a starting bank of £1000, this would allegedly produce an increase to £6,274.85.


Football Money Generator hypes itself up a lot but the reality of the situation is that it whilst it talks the talk; it certainly doesn’t walk the walk (as the video claims). A criminal lack of information on what the product is, how it works or even previous results simply makes Football Money Generator a complete no go to me. I would definitely recommend looking at other betting products instead.



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From: Simon Roberts