Football Profit Factory Review

Football Profit Factory is the newest product from Steve Davidson of Winningmore which is a sports betting (more specifically football) self selection system.

What does the product offer?

Football Profit Factory is a sports betting strategy that is being touted by Steve Davidson as being an easy way to pocket some “serious spending money”. So much so that he goes on to say that Football Profit Factory takes just 5-10 minutes per day with no knowledge required about football. As a complete package, Football Profit Factory contains the actual training manual (which requires a Windows based PC) which shows you the formula that you need in order to get started with your new betting enterprise.

There is also a copy of the bets that Steve Davidson says that Football Profit Factory has identified to date which includes games from a number of different leagues, both minor and major across Europe and the World.

In terms of what Football Profit Factory entails, Steve Davidson recommends using one of two staking systems to bet on the selections that Football Profit Factory comes with, one of which is a specialist staking system whilst the other utilises level stakes. All of this has allegedly generated a strike rate of 44.67%.

How does the product work?

Football Profit Factory involves betting on both team to score with a view to cashing out quickly once you have placed your bet for the day. Because of the low odds all bets that you will be placing are doubles, something that Steve Davidson says allows odds from selections to be boosted to the extent where they are paying out odds of over 3.0.

Whilst I cannot give away the exact method that Football Profit Factory uses, you simply check a free website in order to see which bet to play.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing, Winningmore are offering Football Profit Factory for a discounted rate of £49.97 with the full price set at £69.97. As is the case with all products that Steve Davidson puts out, Football Profit Factory doesn’t come with any form of money back guarantee as he says that there is not a tangible product changing hands.

What is the rate of return?

The sales material for Football Profit Factory boasts of an incredible ROI of over 75% using the recommended staking plan. This means a cash value well in excess of £30,000 since May 2015. To £40 level stakes and using a recovery system, Football Profit Factory made £10,778.60.


Steve Davidson has a hugely varied track record with his products and something tells me that Football Profit Factory isn’t going to be one of the better examples.

There are a number of things that lead me to believe this such as blatant misrepresentation of probability (he claims that using both teams to score bets has a 50/50 outcome) through to questionable profits that I suspect may be back tested (this is down mostly to the fact that the staking plans seem to have been tailored to make certain amounts of money rather than being “organic”).

All of this simply doesn’t sit right for me and as such I believe that I would give Football Profit Factory a miss.




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From: Simon Roberts